Unhealthy Diets

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Unhealthy Diets

November 27, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Unhealthy diet 2

unhealthy diet






The “Atkins” and other Unhealthy Diets

The “Truth in Health” is needed now more than ever! Hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year because they have been convinced by powerful media messages to eat the wrong foods. For example, the Atkins and other diets (which encourages people not to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower) have gained national attention once again and the principles that the “Truth in Health” stands for are under attack..
Duke University recently did a study of the Atkins diet, paid by non other than the Atkins Foundation, (most of the studies are done by the creators and promoters and reported that participants had a 49 percent reduction in triglycerides and lost an average of 31 pounds in just six months. Such reports are not only irresponsible and misleading, and they also encourage people to eat fatty foods like butter, steaks, pork and cheese.
Well-informed readers of the “Truth In Health” see these reports and understand that these high-fat low-fiber foods are unhealthy. However, not everyone knows the truth. People on the Atkins diet are not being told the facts about the long-term effects of their diet and the risk of significant health problems, like cancer and kidney disease.
About 70 percent of the population are now overweight, and people are desperately seeking healthy solutions. They are looking for answers for themselves and their love ones. Nonetheless, they are being bombarded with inaccurate, commercialized, misleading and confusing information.
You can STOP all of this confusion with the truthinhealth.com. Think back to when you first discovered www.truthinhealth.com  Some people learned about the message of this important organization from our parents or grandparents. Others were in search of a solution to a particular health problem. However, the fortunate thing is that you’ve found truthinhealth.com, understand its message and follow its principles to better health for yourself and your family. The truthinhealth.com, the Health and Nutritional Guidance Center and the Galant Group Seminars have been providing accurate true health information since 1984 and has helped thousand of people to experience good health.
This has been a good experience. Unfortunately, after all these years, not enough people have heard our message of health and healthful living. Does your neighborhood health food store and your neighbors know about truthinhealth.com? How about your friends and co-workers? Probably not. However, ask most people if they have heard about the Atkins diet, and not only have they heard of it, they’ve probably been on it or know someone who has. And, millions have purchased his book.
We cannot and will not allow Atkins and others to continue to misinform people! We must increase our educational efforts. Over the years truthinhealth.com has improved to become an organization we are all proud of, and it’s now time to expand our circulating efforts so that it can truly reach the masses. We must educate more people on the health benefits of then truthinhealth.com message, and it must be everywhere. Our Website needs to grow so people all over the world can access accurate and truthful health information that can and will guide them to improve their health. Its time to make a larger difference.

We can play a significant role in the coming year. This can only be achieved by a commitment to increased circulation of our health message through the Internet. And, we need your help! As someone who has already wisited our Website you understand the importance of promoting healthful living through education, so we ask you to please send this Website to all your friends and relatives. Just click HERE.What They Want Us To Believe: IS NOT THE REAL “HEALTH” TRUTH…They’ve Been Lying to Us! They’ve been feeding us nothing but lies, lies, and more lies about what it takes to become healthy! And NOW you can learn “The Truth in Health.”

: You cannot be poisoned or drugged into good health with drugs even if those drugs are called medicines. Neither can you be returned to health by herbs, treatments or any other modalities. All healing is “Self-Healing.” Health is produced ONLY by intelligent life practices as decreed by your human physiological disposition.

 Most people ask about what most be done or what they should take for various diseases, sicknesses and ailments that we are compelled to write this for those who ask and for the general readers.The idea that something must be done to “cure” a disease condition is so common that we are prompted to reiterate the “Fundamental Priciples” of life.

 The average American is perpetually intoxicated from body wastes that do not get eliminated because of energy draining(enervating) life-style factors.

 What you must realize is this: Virtually all body problems, that is illnesses, sicknesses, diseases, ailments, maladies, etc. arise from “toxicity” often called “toxemia” but more correctly called “toxicosis.” When the body finally in desperation, initiates a Detoxification/Healing crisis such as a cold, flu, allergy, headache, backache, fever, cough, inflamed eyes, “infection.” acne, herpes, sore throat, or some “itis” (appendix-itis, tonsil-itis, etc.) You most understand what your body is doing and cooperate with it. Instead of trying to stop the body’s vital remedial efforts with drugs, herbs and other modalities or so-called remedies

 The body’s problems arise from stressful and enervating (energy draining) situations and practices that impede eliminations of body wastes; toxic intake such as drugs and drug habits; “remedies” and wrong foods.
When the body can no longer tolerate the toxic accumulation at its level of vitality, it initiates a “sickness” or “disease” (symptoms) for the purpose of detoxifying itself and repairing damages. The body endeavors to restore as much as possible its normal functioning condition.

 The quickest way to become well again is to cooperate with you body. It is more intelligent than we are.
Dr. Laurence Galant
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Unhealthy Diets