The Power of Beliefs!

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The Power of Beliefs!

September 22, 2013 Uncategorized 0

The Power of Beliefs!
“BELIEFS” Devices by which we are all
Self-Enslaved or Self-Empowered!

“And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”
Chapter 8, 32nd verse, Book of St. John.

“Truth serves us. Beliefs require our service.”

 Was a plainer statement ever made that says we are enslaved by our beliefs? So it matters not what you believe. A belief is a feeling of certainty about the meaning of something. Beliefs are generalizations, deletion and distortion about causes, meaning and boundaries in the world around us, our capabilities and our identity. The most pervasive beliefs are those regarding our identity. Beliefs are inherently wrong and false and imprison us to the extent we give them power and become faithful and influenced by them.

Beliefs are never true. That which is true and relevant to our lives is known and does not have to be believed.

Among the synonyms for beliefs are faith, trust, credibility, authority, gullibility, naivety, notion, concept, presumption, suspicion, assumption, dogma, cult, conjecture, generalization, deletion, distort, guess and yet others. To believe is to accept as true without knowledge or proof.

There’s never any benefit in being wrong or in subscribing to illusions, delusions, fabrications and lies which are the raw materials for beliefs.

The character of truth is one of total virtue and of total utility in our behalf. Truth always serves us! Belief is a different creature altogether. Instead of serving us, it demands that we serve it. This camouflages its fundamental character as exploitation and an enslaving device. Some examples of limiting beliefs about identity Are: “I am helpless,” “I am worthless,” “I am a victim,” “I don’t deserve to succeed,” “If I get what I want I will lose something.” The most difficult aspect of identifying a belief is that the ones that impact us the most are usually outside of our awareness.


Most believers proclaim that beliefs which differ from their own are wrong. Their beliefs, however, are above criticism or question. They’re 100% right 100% of the time.

People will hate you; even do violence to you over their beliefs. So much so, that they should strongly devote themselves to truth and life’s laws. Truth does not have to be defended, violently or otherwise. The most radical thing in the world is the simple truth. It stands regardless of our denials or acceptance. A belief dies for lack of believers, but the truth stands whether recognized, accepted or rejected, whether obeyed or disobeyed.

Our society protects our beliefs and outlooks! That is to its credit, for the truth can get by under that shield too! Extremists cannot dictate our lives based on their beliefs even though they do ensnare many people and effectively dictate their lives through pretense, lies, dishonesty, trickery, brainwashing and manipulative measures.

The nature of every believe system is to demand its acceptance and obedience. Not only does it tends to suppress and destroy differing believe systems’, forcing, if it can, all to adopt its concepts, but it also seeks to suppress the truth as well. Practically all are in love with their beliefs to the exclusion of the salient and self-evident truth in their lives. “Limited beliefs lead to limited results.”


By their very nature, all belief systems are false and inhuman. Very simply, the truth does not have to be believed. Truth is always evident and easy to know, especially that relevant to ourselves and environment.

All belief systems are formulated in the minds of men and women, based on their past experiences, success or failures, results and environment. Belief systems usually shield themselves in sanctimonious garb. They are always presented as being so perfectly true as to be above questions, investigation or reproach. Of course this includes the many belief system ushered upon us as science.

While virtually everyone disbelieves every system but his or her own, in some areas, notably the medical science, almost all accept it as above question or criticism. Some in that area go as far as to say–either follow our belief system or you will die. (Maybe not those exact words, but something to that effect). Some say you have to, especially if you’re in some faiths or religions.

However, we do not have to believe the truth. Truth is verifiable. It can be known. Beliefs are not verifiable and are absurdly easy to disprove. The truth always stays around regardless. And to the insightful or perceptive, that is, those not blinded by some belief system, truth is as self-evident and plain as the nose on a face.

All the beliefs in the world do not change a single truth! For instance, it was only a few hundred years ago that everyone believed the earth to be flat. For uttering the contrary view, that the earth was round, at that time The Catholic Church burned scientist at the stake.

But all the beliefs notwithstanding, the earth was not thereby flattened a bit.

Why should people believe anything at all? Especially in view that all beliefs are inhuman, therefore immoral!

Why should beliefs be immoral? Because, no matter how you figure it or who figures it, it must be adjudged that morality is that body of practices which promotes human well-being, however or whatever we think that to be. (“Empowering beliefs produce empowering results.”) And on the other side of the coin, immorality is that which is contrary to human well-being.

Our bounded duty as humans is to accept and obey the truth in every aspect of our lives. To adopt and follow truth is moral. To follow anything contrary to truth is immoral. All that is good proceeds from that which is true. Good can never proceed from errors or the untrue.


To insist that your beliefs are true is sheer arrogance and nonsense. Beliefs are no truer than that truth is mere belief. This amounts to a contradiction in terms. Saying that all lies are true amounts to the same thing as saying all beliefs are true.

Believers want us all to follow the ground rules they lay down. They become snooty, angry, self-righteous and even arrogant when their beliefs receive less than unquestioning fealty.

Neither must we confuse beliefs with theories. Theories are inherently merely tentative. Beliefs have a habit of being absolutely final.

Truth and beliefs are mutually exclusive terms. Beliefs are inherently false, having been fabricated in the minds of the mistaken, the zealots, or those seeking to exercise power by fostering beliefs, the adoption of which subjects the believers to exploitation by the beneficiaries of the belief system promoted.

Beliefs are an easy way to tranquilize our minds in matters where it is our compelled duty to learn the truth and follow it. Beliefs are usually wish-fulfillment devices.

Beliefs are, therefore, really illusions and delusions. It is said that the hardest person in the world to face is you. Likewise, most in our world are the victims of deep-seated beliefs and refuse to face the fact that they are enslaved and exploited by and through them.

This reminds me of a Russian pride. A teller in a bank gave 100 rubles too much in dispensing money to a client. When the excess note was offered back, he refused it saying he didn’t make mistakes.

Thus, when you refuse to examine your beliefs, you’re saying that you don’t make mistakes even though you probably adopted those beliefs in your developmental years when you did not exercise all you critical faculties.

Mental laziness is demonstrated in refusing to face up to the fact that limited beliefs that make us easily exploitable are indoctrinated in us by our results of the past, environment, TV, parents, teachers pears and people we don’t even know when we are growing up and accept what is taught uncritically.

Those who have intentionally perpetrated beliefs upon us have, as a rule, power and exploitation as objectives. Mental laziness is in refusing to take steps to discover the truth that would cast off the shackles of beliefs. Thus, by default we continue our mindless, harmful and damaging ways, not only to ourselves but to those with whom we’re associated, to those who rely upon us, and to all whose fates are socially and economically bound with ours. In like manner, when we improve ourselves, everyone’s lot improves.

So ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I as free as I imagine?
Have I been enslaved and exploited by my limited beliefs, many of which I am not even aware are mere beliefs?
Are my beliefs really mine?
Do my beliefs empower me or do they destroy me? 

This will open your mind and send you on a quest of self-examination, learning and self-improvement.

Oh, I know most of us are “anchored” and fixed rather firmly to our beliefs because they are the basis of our path in our social circles. We are naturally gregarious and getting together with others for mutual love and support is a strong force even if under the banner of a limited belief system. But our beliefs are no truer and just as false no matter how many share them.

Among some of the people I associate with, I am a well-known individualist without beliefs. A person in this group whose beliefs were obviously inconsistent with self-evident truths made this statement: “I believe that whatever one believes is right.” That one was easy to deal with. I said: “I believe you’re wrong.”

Humans are gregarious. That means they are social creatures. That also means they’re naturally loving, kind, trusting, friendly, compassionate, generous, caring and sharing. That is the truth of the matter even though the present system dehumanizes perverts, vitiates and exploits us. Beliefs have been fostered that have set brother against brother, groups against each other and enable the perverted and capable to pitilessly exploit their fellow beings.

Many of us are misled with limited beliefs learned from someone else. Examine every area of your life. Review every habit pattern. Review all your practices. Anytime you catch yourself saying “I believe” realize that you’re also saying “I’m ignorant in this matter.” You do not use the word believe where you have knowledge for your encouraged to say “I know.” And do not lie to yourself that you really know when you know that, in saying “I believe,” you were honest.

All of us must always be truth seekers. For lies, illusion, delusion and limited beliefs can deliver only evil. All of us must give total commitment and faithfulness to the truth upon discovery. For good can arise only from the truth.

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The Power of Beliefs!