The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION

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The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION

October 12, 2013 Uncategorized 0

I wrote this report 18 years ago in October 2002 (the numbers below may have changed since 2002) and I’m rewriting it now because of all the propaganda with Coved-19. And,  by reading newspapers, magazines and listening to TV and radio reports, you can tell things have not changed much. In fact, in some areas things have gotten worse.

I know that some of you are “HOPPING” for a vaccine to be developed for the coronavirus. It is all due to “fear”.

So, Go ahead keep on “hopping”, how does that make you feel? If you are wearing a mask you’re in fear, if you keeping a “social distance” you’re in fear, if you believe the propaganda, you’re in fear. And, you are in self imposed ignorance! Therefore, you are totally responsible.

Wearing a mask activates your own viruses, you are getting sick from your own reactivated viruses expression.

Fear and worries will take you to one place ahead of time: The Cemetery.  It has in the past. It is now in an epic proportion (with the coronavirus propaganda) and it will in the future. Just read the report below and you will understand.

The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION

The Most Widely Read Vaccine Manual. Doctor Informs Parents About Risks Of Adverse Reactions To Vaccines, The Link To Autism, The Flu Shot Scam & More. Cites Scientific Studies. Ends The Confusion On Whether Or Not To Vaccinate. Many Doctor Testimonials.

Vaccines are cruel frauds and an Enormous plot against all of us! Vaccines are brain-damaging and brain-impairing! By no stretch of logic can they suspend the laws of life and prevent any disease whose causes continue to be indulged. Immunization is an outright myth!  Nothing can suspend or nullify the law of cause and effect!  This report is irrefutable proof.

Can you imagine a drug so powerful that 3.6 million people are chronically “addicted” to it? And, worse still is the number of new users across the country, and growing at an alarming rate.

Think about this: Our government spends over $60 billion a year to stop this abuse…and another $5.9 billion to treat the diseases and injuries that it causes. (all drugs cause disease and injuries, no matter what it’s called)

This is not a new drug…the truth is that it’s been around forever.  The fact is that the number of people using and becoming “addicted” has been rising since 1993.

What is the drug that I’m talking about?  It’s Cocaine, and it has become one of the country’s worse drug problems.  And, according to the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse: 1.5 million teenagers fry their brains each month trying free-base cocaine, and the availability in U.S. is at an all-time high causing more hospitalization per year than any other illegal substance.

Every untreated cocaine addiction costs society (that’s you and me) $43,200. Plus, which means that cocaine is a $155 billion strain on our national budget.

In a nutshell, we are losing the “War on Drugs.”  Having said that, you’ll be absolutely shocked when you hear that the “War on Drugs” could get worse in the next 3 to 5 years.

Why? Because right now there is a drug company who stands to make billions whose propaganda is telling people that they going to wipe out America’s $400 billion “illegal” drug industry.

How? The FDA just gave this company its seal of approval…and the research is plowing full steam ahead.

This company is developing a new “vaccine” to “cure” cocaine addicts which will automatically inherit them with a 3.6 million people and an additional 900,000 new patients seeking cocaine treatments each year…and that’s only in the U.S.

Assuming this vaccine sells for $30 (which is about the price of a cheap flu “vaccination”) that’s a $108 million cash cow…every year. For the company and its investors.

Where is the logic of trying to stop a drug “addiction” with another drug! Do you really think that the drug companies want to kill their “cash cow” Just follow the money trail and if you’re wise you will discover that there will always be a replacement drug. You can’t drug someone into good health.

And now more on “vaccines.”


  • That vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with the diseases for which they are supposedly administered?
  • That vaccines are diabolically designed and made as highly-toxic brain-deadening “materials” by wicked covert group of super rich through their pharmaceutical companies and the likes of Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci?
  • That their objective is to start a New World Order that is already well along through some of “our” puppet federal and state governments! Which these super rich totally control?
  • That the true purpose of vaccinations are to make mediocre, brain-impaired and mind-altered babies? Babies that will grow into adults that will be so mind-impaired as to be obedient, unquestioning and servile peons of this New World Order which is in process right now?
  • That universal “health care” with it’s “Health Security Card” and Vaccination tracking of babies” is an sinister implementation of the monstrous conspiracy to enslave us all? That the “health security card” or the “U.S. CARD” is really a “people control” measure?  That it will be issued at birth just like a Social Security Number¾to insure that every baby is tracked so as to be forced to be “fully” vaccinated?  That state agencies, with the help of these computerized smart cards, will enforce the injection of your baby with all the “required” “up-to-date” vaccines?
  • The “health security card” (“U.S. CARD” or 5G: An Advanced Guide to Population Reduction Techniques) is, really, a New World Order identification card?  A computer chip embedded card designed to track you by satellite, record all your whereabouts anywhere in the world and make a record of everything you do in a massive Gray computer?  That you can’t travel without it?  That you can’t make purchased without it?  That you can’t work without it?  That it will be your debit card in a cashless society?  That it is destined to be replaced with a computer chip embedded in our forehead or wrist?  A computer chip already implanted into welfare babies in some parts of our country and in other countries?  Our highly groomed ex-president, Slick Willie (Clinton) didn’t tell us this, did he? And now we have Obama.


  • Today October 2002 the government is in the process of a mandatory smallpox vaccination for all of us?  And look what is happening today April 2020.

Indisputable proof of these statements are mention in the complete report!

This report is specifically about deadly vaccines and DTP. It reveals how, through what George Orwell called doublespeak in his book, 1984, vaccines are fraudulently represented to prevent diseases when, in fact, they have been on purpose designed to make babies partially to wholly brain dead!  This too, is undeniably proven in this report.

And also, today April 2020 because of Coronavirus/Coven-19 the US government is considering issuing an Immunity Card for everyone. If this happens America will no longer be the America that we all know. If you don’t know what an Immunity Card is, you must educate yourself about the real Truth In Health that nobody dares to reveal!

The massive plot against all of us!

A review of a document reporting a meeting of a covert group of the super-rich held back in 1954. Their objectives were to explore methods by which to implement the New World Order, which had been envisioned since 1776. The document is titled Silent Weapons for Quite wars” wherein the blueprint for establishing a “New World Order” was reviewed.  It tells of “social engineering techniques” (people control methods referred to as “silent weapons”) that were explored and decided upon. It tell of “silent weapons” for reducing our population to brainwashed, obedient, servile, drug-addicted, sex-crazed and mind-diverted peons. The used of mind-deadening and brain-impairing drugs were squarely spelled out as “silent weapons?” “Quite Wars” were referred to as secret campaigns by which populations are conquered and subjugated where everything is so secret and so gradual that they aren’t even aware that they’re targets, much less warred against. (Sounds familiar Covid-19 April 2020)

The fact is that the administering of vaccines is merely one of the tools in this satanic plot.  Most of us in the Natural Hygiene and natural health field know that vaccines are deadly and dangerous, and the only thing they prevent is health.

We think they are an inhuman profit game of the medical/drug industry.  Unfortunately the sad truth is that medical profit is the least of the devilish purpose behind vaccines.

Examinations of DTP inserts from Wyeth Laboratories prompted the following:


Would you allow mercury to be injected into your body?  Or surrender your baby to be injected with it?  You know, the stuff that causes terrible salivation?  A deadly substance that causes wholesale brain cell destruction, weak mindedness, Alzheimer’s disease, toxic dementia, insanity and death? Inflamed and bleeding gums?  Immuno suppression, that is, wholesale destruction of the body’s first line of defense, the white blood cells, especially lymphocytes?

This Immunosuppression was called, at one time, syphilis and now, AIDS. That is resulted in neurosyphylis or toxic dementia or AIDS dementia where depression, insanity and madness result, and, of course death.

Would you allow your body to be injected with aluminum? Or submit you precious child to be injected with it? Aluminum destroys brain cells and becomes part of the replacement for them through a process called ossification. Aluminum has been indicted as a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

For more outrages details on vaccination, order the complete report entitle “Vaccination Misrepresentations”. It contains a copy of the actual “Silent Weapons for Quite Wars” document.  And, if you want to stop your child’s school or your employer or others from “joining you up under some medical, hospital, surgical or other plan,” you can state your objection to medical services and take total responsibility for your health with an affidavit included in the report HR102.

The annual flu shot is nothing more than a SCAM to get your money. WAKE UP AMERICA!


First you Do not refuse to get vaccinated. It will make you appear aggressive. Instead, cordially do the following:

Ask the Doctor if the vaccine has MRC-5, (All vaccines have it!) These are cells from aborted babies and other DNA. BECAUSE of this ingredient you have the legal right to refuse the vaccine.

Also ask the Doctor if there is any possibility of an iatrogenic reaction to the vaccine. This is an adverse reaction due to multiple components and medications which interact with each other. ALL VACCINES HAVE AN ADVERSE REACTION

When the Doctor answers you positively to either of your questions that is your “get out of vaccine jail free card’! It is the card which sets you free from getting vaccinated. Thank the Doctor for his offer and run!!

Do not forget all Doctors made the Hippocratic Oath and they can not force you to take anything which will be harmful to you. As an important step in becoming a doctor, medical students must take the Hippocratic Oath. And one of the promises within that oath is “first, do no harm



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The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION