“Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” Program

Healthology 1* Membership in Dr. Galant’s  Healthology course a Global Health Information Network includes one Course lesson each month. (If you joined the 30 day trial membership, which gives you the introduction and the first lesson, see below) Subject Matter of the Courses (Programs of Study and COURSE OUTLINE)




SHWICC Training Manual* Business In A Box – The Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching Training Manual containing: Instructions on how to get your business started and how Dr. Galant’s staff can do nearly all of the marketing work for you. Just tell others about this program (Optional and your choice)




yourwish* You will get Fourteen CDs audio program entitled “Your Wish Is Your Command” Once you become a member you will get one CD per month after lesson six.





*Also at this level (level 1 six lessons) you will receive information that will teach you “Structure Thinking against accidental disorderly and chaotic Thinking” – Consider this: who teaches us to think, who teaches us how to think? who thought you how to think?

No one, they all just thought you what to think. Think about the advice you had from your parents and from the TV and your friends growing up! And even now, you should be afraid, you should be worried, that is all what to think.

You will find when you look that they all teach you what to THINK and unknowingly they assume that we know how to THINK! For example, don’t think negatively, think positively, that’s what to think again. Learn HOW TO THINK with this new concept.

Most people are trained to think this way… Firstly by our parents and then by society in general. This is a situation of one person originally doing it the wrong way generations ago and then everyone copying them…

When a person can control their mind and learn how to think… may actually be exactly what they need to do next in life…








* A  copy of Health REPORT #HR101: “The Real Natural Health Formula that Nobody Dares to Reveal,” revealing the essential salient needs of life which produce magnificent human excellence. Guidelines for creating superior health are provided in simple, easily-understood language from which everyone can find motivation.



* One hundred targeted and verified recruit leads complete with marketing materials (postcards, letters etc.) for generating your recruit downline. This will get you started. All you need to do is mail out the marketing materials. This eye-opening program has proven to have a high response rate. (This is Optional, and only if you want to share/market the SHWIC program. This portion will be shipped to you only per your request.)




PowerOf7* A  replica of Dr. Galant’s “Power Of 7 System” Web site with your code ID# and which you can use  to capture downline recruits. See http://www.PowerOf7System.com (Optional)





LG pict* Twelve monthly one-on-one 27-minute phone consultations with Dr. Laurence Galant to help you enhance your Health and/or your marketing campaign and wealth generation business….on your way to becoming a successful marketing expert for your products and services with the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” (SHWIC.)





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Whoever says that you can’t get anything for a dollar anymore hasn’t read this very closely. For only a dollar each, you can get a one-month subscription to the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program. And, you can also Give a trial subscriptions to relatives, friends and acquaintances – as many as you like! For Only Just a dollar!As you know a dollar won’t go very far these days, but because we want to introduce even more people to the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program, we will send a one-month trial subscription to as many people as you suggest. Though it costs several dollars to fulfill each trial, we are hopeful that they will patronize us with their own subscription once they have had an opportunity to view the important information available to them in the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program. And, if you become a member they will be credited to your account.As an added bonus, we will send you and your friends an introductory package! This package includes:

1. Introduction to Healthology”,
2. First month Healthology Course 
3. Subscription to “Super Health Inner Circle
Coaching” program.
4. Is America a Healthy Country? 
(The distressing Facts)
5. Plus How to Overcome Ailments and have Sickness-Free

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Have you served our country?

We are Offering FREE Initiation Fee and FREE Lesson #1 to Veterans.
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What is worse than any other Health Care?

Not knowing the truth about health and not being educated on keeping yourself  healthy! No one can think for, breath for you, drink for you, eat for you, exercise for you. etc. And as we continue to learn more, it turns out that Health Care isn’t the greatest treat to the health of millions of Americans!

We are learning of a much dangerous situation brewing in the Capitol right now. Our monthly self educational health program rips back the curtains on a corrupt U.S. medical system.

What would it mean to your life today to FREE YOURSELF from disease, pain and chronologically age-related decline? Discover the “Real Natural Health Formula That Nobody Dares to Reveal”!

Proving that no such thing as “medicine” exists.

Proving that perfect health is natural and normal and outlining a
program for attaining and maintaining superlative well-being.

Showing that the true elixir of life exists in eating proper foods in
their raw state. Also proving that cooked food eating is a
disease-causing practice.

Outlining a method of eating your foods so that you perpetually
enjoy peace and harmony in your digestive tract.

Exploring and explaining the touchstones for better sleep through better health.


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