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Career Opportunities. Pursue a career in Health. Learn about our Health Science Degree!
(Non-Residential Internet Home Study Course Base “Healthology”) “Education in Health and Nutritional Science”.

Would you like to serve others with a 100% effective health system?  You can earn plenty of money in the health field! Opportunity galore exist in the health field. There’s practically no one in it! “How’s that again” you may ask. 

Yes, there are millions Americans working as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, hospital personnel, drug industry employees, and allied trades. BUT THIS IS NOT THE HEALTH FIELD! What they Do has little to do with building health. This army of people is in the disease-treating business!

There is a vast difference between drugging, cutting, and “caring” for the ailing on the one hand and guiding them to exuberant sickness-free health on the other!

The truth is that no one can be drugged or treated into good health. ONLY HEALTHFUL LIVING PRACTICES PRODUCE HEALTH. Life’s essentials are as simple and natural as breathing good air, drinking pure water, eating food of our biological adaptation, getting adequate sleep, and supply our body with many other essentials.

There are more sickness and ailments today than ever before. 99% of Americans suffer chronic maladies or acute illness in any given year. This is self-evidence that our people are not healthy – healthy people do not become sick!

As a health specialist you can be instrumental in steering clients to wonderful health and well-being. You can be an expert in health matters whom people will seek out for counseling, and guidance and at fees that will give you a very comfortable niche in society. You can be involved in seminars, workshops, discussions, organic food parties, and counseling that will yield you a liberal income.

If you’re already a nurse, a chiropractor, a school teacher, or a professional, you can realize success all the sooner. However, you can succeed even if you’re not a high school graduate if you’re articulate, personal, congenial, knowledgeable, of health matters (which are almost unknown but really very simple and elementary), deeply concerned for the well-being of yourself and your fellow men and women and for our children whose well-being is necessary for the welfare of humanity.

As a health professional, you can have most of your clients over their miseries in a few days to a few weeks. For instance, most digestive problems can be ended within 24 hours! And, best of all, your clients need never suffer another sickness or ailment ever!

You will serve them with a 100% effective natural health system. In no aspect of your practice will you be touching upon medical practice – everything you will do will be strictly nonmedical and health-oriented.

The elementary truth is that diseases will not happen unless they are caused. Discontinue causes and institute healthful practices, and the body will heal itself. It will recuperate a high level of health. Sickness will not occur again in the absence of causes – causes over which you have almost total control! Under the health system we’ll happily introduce you to, diseases that may already exist will be speedily remedied by the body’s own inherent healing faculties, even “incurable” diseases such as acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, constipation, psoriasis, tumors, cyst, hearth and cardiovascular problems and almost everything else. (No lotions, potions. Powders or pills. No drugs or medications, no gadgets or gimmicks).

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You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very radical” even if you are health-oriented. “Healthology” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. Healthology is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, Their causes, symptoms and effects. And the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition. Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health. Why should you find our approach so sharply different than all the others? Learn More Send for your FREE info.  

Your Body is Amazing, and Your Mind Controls It All


Dare to be Bold:
Dare to stand alone:
Dare to have a purpose clear:
Dare to make it known
If within you resides a small amount of courage, you’ll rededicate yourself to be a
modern brave person. And you need not stand alone!  Mutually we can create thousand, and even millions of others with the same qualities and character.

In you I’m sure is the spark of courage that will impel you to learn what is right
for yourself and, with conviction a
nd determination, to do what you must do.

You will set as your goal personal excellence in all matters.  You will strive to help your fellow beings open their eyes to the encouragement of the “Truth in Health”(based on Healthology) so that they too may lead their lives in the way of righteousness.

As a modern brave person you will not yield to injurious temptation and importunity.  You will set an example for your fellow being.  You will become a living testimonial to the joy of living life on the plane our biological heritage decrees.

Dare you to be brave? Do you dare to stand alone if need be? Do you have
a purpose clear? Do you dare to make it known?


Become a “Healthologist” in all that this implies.  You’ll grow in courage and dare to master yourself.  And you’ll win from your fellow beings the respect that being a brave person deserves. Will You Stand With Us?



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