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Who can you count on with your health?

You are the only one who can think for you, breath for you, eat for you,  exercise for you, get sunshine for you, etc. I can only be a consultant or a coach.

Ultimately, The only one responsible and the only one you can count on is YOU! So how are you going to be healthy?

“With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all foolishness is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; everything must be made secondary to Health!”

Let’s face it, whatever our goals are, we want to achieve them, because we FEEL GOOD! That is everyone’s ultimate goal… “To FEEL GOOD”!

By now you must know that there are lots of health and financial opportunity offer out there, it seems that everyone has a lotion, a potion, a powder or a pill or a gadget or a gimmick and everyone has a money making offer especially on the internet…

Have you ever wondered how some people can afford fabulous cars and beautiful homes? Some have gone from near poverty to making thousands of dollars every day! Some people have made it to the top and made a fortune.

But the fact is, if you lose your health, all the financial riches in the world will have absolutely no value. Have you also noticed that people have the tendency to move with the crowd when they are faced with health challenges, problems or uncertainty?  No doubt you are also accustomed to doing what everyone else does. That, of course, is your first BIG MISTAKE!

Why?, Because if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get the same results everyone else is getting, which is “Fear, Worries, Frustration, Disappointment, and Dissatisfaction”. And, no closer to being “Healthy”.

How surprised would it be for you to get up in the morning full of vitality and energy, feeling great all day no matter your age?

You know that to be really successful in life and in business you need to be healthy. You need to have lots of energy to be inspired, motivated, and driven. Without it, you will not have the discipline and perseverance you need to succeed. I mean really succeed!

Now, at last there is a way that you can change your life for the better with our 100% Effective Natural Health System, you can look forward to a happy and healthy life, just by joining the Super Health INNER CIRCLE Coaching Program.

Our program is different than the conventional disease treatment business, where you are…  Screened, tested, drugged and butcher to death!

Imagine for a moment that someone you loved died of cancer, and you found out that they did not have to. Or if you underwent a heart bypass, would it be of interest to you to know you did not have to!

If you or someone you know have been on insulin for years, would it be of interest for you to discover that you can clear it up within weeks, without drugs or medications, without lotions, potions, powders or pills.

Suppose you had to rush your asthmatic child to an emergency room several time a year. Would it be of interest to you to learn that you can be over with this problem in about a week – and nobody told you!  Would that make you angry? It would make me angry!

If you are like me…Then get ready to be angry…Because the medical establishment does everything in its power to keep you from finding these SECRETS out. They just want to keep on drugging you. Or they be out of business.

This is a powerful multi-billion dollar industry and they spend billions of dollars to keep these secrets hidden from you. Why? So they can make more money.  That, my friend, is a cold, hard fact.

That is “the system,” and it works because the average person doesn’t know any better. He or she believes the so-called “experts,” the TV ads, the media and the self-serving institutions…

But I believe you are different. You think for yourself, and you want proven ways to beat the system… to gain better health, and perhaps more money, and a better future.

NOW, Imagine for a moment that you are sick and that you have been told that there is nothing that anyone can do for you. Imagine that you have millions of dollars in your bank account, but remain poor in health. How rich would you be?

A very rich person while on her dying bed said “I would give all of my fortune for a moment of time”. That says it all doesn’t it.  Without your health nothing else matters. “HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH”! 

How can you protect yourself from the lies of health?

You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way.

Millions of dollars spent to keep these secrets from you! The powers that be have made fortunes from what you don’t know … Well, not anymore!

We like you to know that we are incredibly serious about helping you achieve real “Dynamic Health” and we won’t let anything or anyone stand in our way.

However, Right up front I want to say… this letter might not be for you. If you’re completely happy and satisfied with how the Big Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are running our healthcare system at a huge profit to themselves and an even larger deficit to the very people it’s supposed to be helping… one lie after another. Don’t read another word of this letter.

Delete it down and walk away, convinced in your choice to keep the blindfold over your eyes and your head stuck in the sand.

However, if you’re one of the brave, the frustrated, ready to rip off that blindfold and pull up the curtain on just how “sick” our “healthcare” system has become… read on.

Once you have our secrets and begin to learn the statistics and educate yourself with our Healthology course it becomes immediately clear just how broken our current system of “healthcare” actually is.

Unfortunately if you remain uneducated, and oblivious.. Then you, your family and your friends are standing in line to become the next victims in their way of lies and deception.


America really needs to wake up! I’m sure you’ve heard the news  lately? It’s all over the radio and TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost for health care is spiraling out of control and lots of people are losing they coverage. However, health insurance is not going to make you healthy!

Everyone needs to have these health “System” including all businesses who provide “health care”. We call our health secrets “Healthology” it’s the Health System and Formula Nobody Dares to Reveal. 

You can’t wait and You cannot afford NOT to join the SHICC program. Check it out go to the link below NOW! And see all the health benefits you will receive. 

Send your order for the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program NOW! You need this information to protect yourself from all the lies.

The Health and Economic Ship is Sinking Fast, Just listen to the news. The new Healthcare is NOT going to make you any Healthier. This is the exact program that helped me 40 years ago. You can now drive test it for yourself. tested for yourself.

If one of your challenge is Your weight, remember, diets don’t work they are temporary measures design only to produce temporary results. You must change your lifestyle, improve your health and everything will improve. “If you want things in your life to change, you must change things in your life”.

I’m Offering You a Lifeboat. Jump in the Lifeboat and Help yourself, Your Family, Your Friends and Your Neighbors to Jump in With You, Before It’s Too Late! If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life!Most Doctors are well meaning but miss-guided just like everyone else.

“What does the average individual know about keeping well? Almost nothing. —– The people and their doctors are all in the same boat together with a blind man at the helm. They lack the chart and compass and drift aimlessly on a sea of ignorance and misinformation.” – Dr. Herbert Shelton:


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

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