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It is customary these days to see letters after letters arrayed after a professional’s name. They make quite an impression upon a lot of people.  In fact, many time, they bring lots of people to patronize them.


We all have from time to time been in the presence off, have attended seminars and have heard some of these heavily title professionals talk and have come away from the affair with wonderment as to “what did he/she said and what was that all about?”


Some people believe that the self-perpetuation of our educational system has at least partially contributed to this highly unsatisfactory situation.  There are very few new ideas infused into our educational systems.  The defensive stance of the “authorities” of our ineffective status quo mentality prevents the introduction and dissemination of new concepts.  And, as a result of these negative attitudes, our schools systems seem to have deteriorated to they present level.


Today the educational system spews out standardized and certified men and women calculated to uphold and propagate the errors in which they’ve been stepped.  It seems as if they had their “common sense” educated out of them!


There are new programs today that are being introduced by some institutions of higher learning that lead to Ph.D.s after a relatively short period of time, study and research.  There are many of the older school of learning who earned their Ph.D.s only after several years of hard work and study who resent the johnny-come-latelies.  They feel this debases their coinage.


This raises a question that perhaps someone of greater enlightenment, perhaps some “authority” in today’s educational system can shed light upon.  I like to know who is more deserving of a degree, whether it be an Associate, Master, Doctorate or what-have-you, between those individuals who have spent many years of hard work, study and application and are, for all that, not able to advise a sick person in the simple ways of regaining their health, or, those astute persons who have perceived and mastered a valid perspective, who have studied a few months and have mastered enough to effectively teach and guide people in the way and means of restoring lost health and happiness?  Who deserves the aura and dignity of a Ph.D.?  The one who wrecks death and suffering upon those who entrusted themselves unto his or her care, or, the one who renders constructive help?  It seems to me that we are continually growing upon the backs of our predecessors and it is – not really necessary to reinvent the wheel periodically as we travel the pathway of knowledge.


I know that there will always be arguments in favor of both sides of this question, and, in the meantime, I will respect the Ph.D. who understands the situation for what it is and does something about it that it is effective, over the Ph.D. who is stuck in the rut of his predecessor’s errors and notions.  In the name of science and growth (and to limit and restrict their numbers!), today’s academic establishments are teaching candidates for degrees more and more about less and less simply because that is “the thing to do.”   Even when an untruth is repeated millions of times, it will never convert to a truth.  The world is becoming over crowed with educated fools.  What is wrong with keeping everything simple and forthright?  With reducing essentials to terms and concepts that all of us can easily grasp?  And, most importantly, the right concepts.


We need to become like little children instead of empty-headed intellectual giants.  What is really wrong with laying it on the line “like it is” or maybe doing something simply because it’s the correct thing to do?  What is wrong with rendering selfless humanitarian service over the avid pursuit of a profession for grandiose self-aggrandizement? Over the attitude of “what’s in it for me?






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