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Paradise is  NOW in Miami Beach, FL.
“Heaven on Earth” Natural Health Retreat and Spa.





Here are a few special memories from our new  Natural Health Retreat and Spa: Somewhere in your minds eye, in your dreams…there’s a place you long to be!

splashdetoximgYou can feel it in the air. It calls you. Beckons you. Tempts you with the promise of excitement and possibilities. This is where it all begins! Every Wish, Every Want, Every Whim … addressed!




Relax images 2IMAGINE… a warm gentle breeze is softly caressing your cheeks as you chat about your days experiences and sites you’ve seen. The tension has left your body, you feel as if you too are gently swaying and have become a part of nature’s graceful evening among the Palm Trees.






Relax images 4IMAGINE…This is a reality you too can experience. Here are a few special memories from our new Natural Health Retreat and Spa: 






effects of drugs3
IMAGINE…Somewhere in your minds eye, in your dreams…there’s a place you long to be!





Beach walk imagesIMAGINE…
an early morning walk along the beach with the ocean breeze gently caressing your body. Enjoying the softness of the sand beneath your feet as you take in the beauty of the world around you. As you take a deep breath enjoying the crisp ocean air, you feel your spirits awakening to greet your new day.




Relax imagesImagine… relaxing after your early morning walk along the beach. As you take a deep breath enjoying the crisp ocean air, you feel your spirits awakening to greet your new day.






IMAGINE you getting a relaxing message, notice how good it feel to relax! Research Have Shown That Meditation Can: Dramatically reduce stress and build an unshakable lifelong resistance to it. The damaging emotional and physical problems associated with stress may never be a problem again. Increase your mind power by switching on “hidden” receptors in your brain – those shut off due to years of external noise and stress and even stress inducing signals from the T.V and radio, negative thinking and poor education. Help with feeling low, being overwhelmed and with anxiety. You may  break free from phobias and behavioral problems such as ADHD, OCD, overeating, smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse. 

Imagination Is Your Reality! This is a reality you too can experience. 

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Achieve Wonderful Health As A Guest At The “Heaven on Earth” Miami Florida Wellness Retreat!

We utilize many wonderful places in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. And, you ‘re invited to consider an Healthology wellness retreat as a place to recover and build vibrant health! In the Warm, congenial and supportive environment of a wellness retreat, you can rather quickly reach your wellness goals.

Situated in sunny North Miami Beach/Sunny Isle Beach, Florida, the Heaven on Earth Wellness Retreat is amid a Hygienic Community with Organic gardens and a Hygienic Staff.

While fasting, dieting and enjoying the loving and caring atmosphere we foster, you can recover vitality and learn how to be virtually sickness-free.


* There are special weight-loss programs that do not employ fasting! Of course fasting is an elective for weight 19ss and for up-front detoxification. I

* Fasting and special diets, as you elect, help you achieve health and excellence goals.

* Discussions, private counseling, food demonstrations; lectures, master classes, workshops, self-improvement programs, vision and hearing classes enable you to upgrade yourself dramatically!

* We can help you to break drug habits and deleterious food addictions, whether it be tranquilizers, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, pizza or whatever. A few days to a few weeks on a special program usually suffices to make it all a nightmare of the past.

* Furnishing you the environment and insights that enable you to overcome serious health problems, even “incurable” ones of long duration, works wonders!

* Your condition permitting, you can enjoy hiking, touring arid sight-seeing, boating, fitness programs, music appreciation, sunning, sports, board games, etc.

* Gourmet cuisine! You’ll thrill to enjoy papayas, melons, citrus, exotic bananas, persimmons and abundance of other luscious fruits and vegetable dishes.


* As a guest of the wellness retreat, you can expect to recover higher levels of health and; attain a measure of physical fitness.

* You can experience needed weight reduction or weight gain. Programs are conducted for both.

* Peace of mind and relative freedom from stresses become a reality.

* You’ll enjoy vastly increased energy Levels and feelings of well-being.

* Under the Super Health Healthology program, peace of mind and freedom from stress become a reality.

* You’ll become a more lovable person! Two to four weeks with tender loving care, where mutual appreciation and love are encouraged, brings an end to the depressing problems that weigh upon you’, hence making you feel more loving toward others.


When completed Rates begin at $2497.00 per week (all included) for the “Heaven on Earth” Natural Health Retreat and Spa. Situated in Miami Sonny Isle Beach. (Sonny Isle Beach is Now Called “The Florida RIVIERA”)

For more details, write or call:

Heaven on Earth Wellness RETREAT,

North Miami Beach, FL 33160 (561) 577-0548

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Dr. Laurence Galant Boynton Beach, FL 33436, email to:  DRGALANT@TRUTHINHEALTH.COM



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