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SHWICC Membership –

RENEW MEMBERSHIP IS NO LONGER VALID! You had till January 31, 2018 to join the SHWICC program before the price increase. After the 1/31/2018 the price of the one time initiation fee will be $1000.00 and the monthly fee will be $100.00.

You can benefit by joining NOW for the one time initiation fee of $100.00 and a monthly fee of $47.00 (About $1.57 per day). For less then $1.60 per day you will learn how you can overcome health challenges, build great health and be sickness-free. With a 100% effective health system. GUARANTEE! Join now and you will be grandfather in and you will never pay more than $47.00 per month, as long as you continue your membership. (This option is available only up to 1/31/2019.)

Promotional Option 1 Membership dues are $1,000 initial fee payable at$100 per month for 12 months. In addition, there are monthly dues of $100. This means you will be charged $200 the day you join and your will be charged $200 each month for 12 months. After 15 months you will resubscribe at $100.00 each month thereafter. your credit card will be charged $100 per month. There is a $200.00 charge for this service.

You can also take 50% discount on Promotional Option 2 You can join “The Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching and Apprenticeship” Program when pay for the whole year. Here’s how it works: You pay $500.00 onetime membership initiation dues instead of $1,000.00 and $600.00 per year instead of $1,200.00. This is a 50% savings per year. (You can cancel anytime, but all membership dues paid are not refundable)



For this option you must contact us first and be approved.

 On hold Members: If You want to renew your membership, just Click on the Subscribe Button below:



veterans_thank-you 2-flagTo All Veterans 

If you’re a Veteran or still in the military and you want to become a members of the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” (SHWICC) program you will save the $100.00 initiation fee. Just email us a copy of your DD214 or you ID card if you’re still in the military. And click on the subscribe button below.

How To earn extra money Part Time or Full Time with our Health System, just read the affiliate information below:When you join and become a member, you will also become an Affiliate in SHWICC. You can choose to earn commissions with our optional Affiliate Program as described in the Affiliate section of our website.

To join SHWIC you must have the Affiliate code or email address of the person
who invited you to join. To see more member benefits, go here:

The Affiliate program for the SHWICC is a fully supported business opportunity for anyone interested in making serious money and achieving success in life. The program
is ABSOLUTELY FREE! There are no gimmicks, no credit cards or fees, no obligation whatsoever. Joining is easy…it only takes a couple minutes to sign up!

Benefits of the Affiliate Program:
HUGE Commissions!
Earn lucrative commissions for each sale, plus monthly residual income!

SHWIC Future Events
Access to SHWICC events, seminars, workshops, retreats, opportunities, meetings, and symposia featuring bestselling authors and speakers! These events will take place in our coming soon Health Spa in an exotic locations in Miami Beach. You can check it out: HERE

Online Training!
Year and years of researched training material developed specifically to
assist you in building your business. Learn step-by-step, how to create and
operate your own business. We take away all the guess work, and provide your
very own roadmap to success.

Here are a couple examples of the training material available to all Affiliates at no cost!

  • Welcome To The SHWICC AffiliateProgram:
  • How To Get Off To A Quick Start
  • How To Get Someone To Join
  • Tools To Build Your SHWICC Business
  • The Recipe For Success
  • How To Get a Prospect to Be a Member

Marketing Toolbox:
Here you will find everything you need to market your business. It contains
invitation letters, brochures, sales letters, Post Cards, and much more.

Monthly SHWICC “Healthology Lessons:
You have to sign up to see what’s inside!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and only the beginning. Our program is still considered
NEW by industry standards, but already we’ve reached levels unheard of in online marketing, with thousands of Affiliates and Members having joined, all of whom are taking advantage of one of the greatest health and money-making
opportunities in our time.

Affiliate Program is designed to provide to you all the tools and information
you need to achieve success and financial independence.

Our Affiliate program is ABSOLUTELY FREE! There are no gimmicks, no credit cards or fees, no obligation whatsoever. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up! JOIN THE SUPER HEALTH INNER CIRCLE COACHING NETWORK.  CLICK HERE.

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Affiliates/Renew Membership