“Effortless Exercise”

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“Effortless Exercise”

September 19, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Are you looking for “Effortless Exercise”. Do you want something for nothing? Would you like a strong, healthy and beautiful body through absolutely no effort of your own? How about a sweat-free, quick and easy way to a firm stomach, well-proportioned limbs, and a supple torso?

Easy wealth and undeserved health are America’s two love affairs. People would love to get rich quick. Everyone would like to have a firm, healthy body with no work or pain.

So what happens? 

The people, who want to take your money the easy way, go after the people who want easy health and fitness. Consider this ad that appeared a few years ago in one of the nation’s papers:

Our health salon specializes in firming and building muscles through the use of tiny electrical impulses. These impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax just as in natural exercise. Used for years by professional athletes and developed by European 
doctors, this is an ideal method for those who don’t want to exercise 

It continues:

Lying absolutely still in a private room, you can get the benefits of 700 leg exercises, 700 arm exercises, 700 stomach exercises-all from the 700 electrical stimulation we can give you in only thirty-five minutes. It’s perfect for busy people on the go who don’t have the time or energy for long, hard exercising. 

And so, naive trusting, lazy Americans who have more pounds and dollars than will power, and sense, will line up for the privilege of being electro-shocked into vibrant health.

Exercise is hard work. You have to make an effort to overcome laziness, discomfort and your own excuse making process. You have to sweat. You have to run or swim or walk. You. Only you.

Still, the schemes increase:

“You can have your thighs wrapped in plastic sheets to painlessly sweat away’ fat.” You can get “diet shots,” and pills presumably full of nutrients and will power.”

And, consider this ad that appear recently in a catalog: 

” Get the ripped, sculpted abs and side handles you’ve always wanted faster and easier with the revolutionary Ad Transformer workout fitness belt! Abs Transformer Plus features new and improved technology that’s FDA cleared for tightening, toning and strengthening healthy muscles. Just put the belt on, turn it on and it begins to directly stimulate core muscles while working upper, lower and side abs, oblique’s, lower belly and love handles. And you can wear this while you work, read, watch TV and relax.

Isn’t that amazing? However, you can pay any amount of money for a dozen “passive-exercise programs that promise quick results and no work.


How our ancestors would laugh! Nothing in this world of real value can be had, without commitment and effort. If we desire health, strength, balance and beauty of body, we must put forth the necessary effort.

Any exercise that is not of sufficient force to arouse a conscious effort defeats its own end by ceasing to have any appreciable effect upon the physiological and chemical processes of the body. A regular program of strenuous exercise is the foundation of health.

You may follow a perfect diet and eat the purest foods, but without vigorous exercise, you condemn-the body to an effete (no longer fertile or having lost character, vitality, or strength) and hypersensitive existence. Strenuous exercise does not mean pushing the body to exhaustion. An obsession with over-exercising is a sign of a personal problem, much like the workaholic who works to escape his problems.

However, most of us are probably guilty of under-exercising instead of over-exercising, and it is this guilt that the hucksters of “easy fitness,” prey upon. Money cures all they would have us believe. Are you sick? Pay a doctor, buy a prescription, take a pill. Are you depressed? Give your therapist two hundred and fifty dollars an hour. Are you too fat? For two-hundred dollars, you can be wrapped up in plastic bags, electro-shocked 700 times (in your own. private room), massaged, rolled and weighed.

Of course you’ll still be sick, ‘depressed and fat. But you made an effort. You spent money and you hope that will be enough. Like love, health and fitness will never be found in the marketplace. You can buy substitutes and balms for a guilty conscience, but you can’t purchase well-being. Why? Because health is your birthright. Available free. For the effort alone. You just need to learn how!

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“Effortless Exercise”