Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?

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Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?

October 4, 2013 Uncategorized 0

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Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?

“I feel so much better when. I’m taking my vitamins,” I hear this constantly. “And when I go off them I feel Miserable.’

Most People are surprised to find that when I talk about health and nutrition. I’m not referring to lotions, potions, pills and capsules or powdered proteins. I get a look that suggests that I’m just ‘not with the new wave, not into the “wholistic” revolution.

I really believe that the present day’ use of vitamins supplements (especially the mega- vitamin craze) is a lot of nonsense.

Never have so many dirt cheap substances sold for such high prices. You’re either hooked on, drugs or you’re hooked on vitamins supplements, but hooked you must be.

Primary vitamin deficiency is practically unknown in this country. Very often what seems to be a ‘deficiency symptom is actually a sign of a tired, overworked metabolism; or it may be the body’s heroic efforts at eliminating metabolic wastes. I have seen fasts .from 20 to 40 days duration, taking only water, who displayed no signs of vitamin deficiency. In fact, if symptoms were present before the fast, they disappeared during or after it.

“But why do I bad after I stop taking my vitamins?”  One answer is, that most likely, you did ‘ not need them in the first place. Since vitamins supplements are • simply catalysts” (substances that must-be present in tiny amounts’ so that you may utilize food substances more efficiently) taking more than necessary will cause a drug like “stimulating” effect. Stimulation from, extraneous sources is synonymous with poisoning. ‘Caffeine stimulates by irritating the adrenal system. Stimulation Is artificial excitation of the ‘nervous system with its unavoidable opposite exhaustion. It is a losing game, leading to more and more debility (weakness).

Lately, another phenomenon connected, with the overdoing of vitamins supplements has surfaced. It’s called “rebound” Since the body can ‘utilize only so much of a vitamin at a time, the rest must “be eliminated. Taking too much vitamin C, for instance can cause “rebound scurvy,” (Scurvy is a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C,) the very condition for which it is prescribed.

The body’s eliminating apparatus goes into high gear to get rid of the excess, and continues doing so weeks after you stop taking the vitamin C. Now you do have a deficiency problem, all because you tried to fool Mother Nature! The same thing probably occurs with most of the other vitamins.

There is a lot that we still do not know about the role of vitamins and other nutrients. Some people say that you need supplements because our soil is depleted. Well, our soil maybe depleted and our vegetable and fruits not are not what they could be, but speaking from my own observation and experience, at least, the problem lies more with the under usage of these fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?