solid-3d-human-anatomy-model-collection-900IS MODERN MEDICINE REALLY KEEPING US HEALTHY?
Is America A Healthy Country?
Health in America is a myth.We are at a time when you must not blindly trust your health to 
the Government, doctors or organized medicine! The information 
and coaching provided in this program is so important to you and your health and well being, that I urge you to read every page!

Our Research reveals that organized medicine is doubly hazardous 
to your health: First because all of the shocking incidents of 
unnecessary procedures performed today and the intolerable dangers 
of these treatments… 

And the second thing is because some people in the medical 
institutions actually put down and discredit alternative health care 
information and education which will help you heal in a quicker, 
safer and less invasive manner.

Because there is so much news today about the Ebola Virus it has prompt and motivated me to write this article and hope to clear any questions, concerns or fears that you have created due to the many articles and reports in Newspapers, magazine, radio and TV. These kinds of reports will always pop up; it has been going on for centuries before today and they will continue to go on for centuries to come. Therefore you must learn the truth so that you can protect yourself from all the misinformation, lies and propaganda.

Let us first begin with …

The Nature and Purpose of Disease:

Inasmuch as we’re having only one lesson in our program specifically on the subject of disease, I bid you to study hard and absorb it well, for nearly all of us will suffer disease in one form or another,

In this writing we will ascertain what disease is, what brings it about, what purposes it serves, and why it ends at all in view of the fact that it is supposed to be an occasion when malevolent microbial entities have gained a destructive foothold in our bodies. We will explore how a body in descendancy (as it is said to be in disease) and microbes in ascendancy reverse these tendencies.

Healthy, Toxic, DeceasedWhat Is Disease?
Disease, as a word, means very simply not at ease ­a person is uncomfortable or suffering difficulties in maintaining energies for the functions he wishes to discharge and in keeping operative those faculties he wishes to exercise.

In physiological terminology, disease means devia­tion from normal. That means that the body has deviated from regular functions. In a state of disease the body has re-channeled or redirected its energies so that it has less than usual energy for functions normally engaged in.

There are two distinct types of disease. The first type of disease serves a purpose and the second type serves none. Discerning these two types in your clients will be no problem at all. These two types of disease are as follows:

The first type is constructive disease, often called acute disease.
The second type of disease is degenerative. This results from organic impairment in which organs, tissues, bones, or other faculties have undergone destruction, distortion, or irreversible impairment.

Your service to your clients will largely depend on your ability to recognize whether a disease is constructive or degenerative. I repeat: this is not difficult. You will, regardless of these conditions of disease, still proceed by guiding your client into healthful practices, healthful practices being the universal panacea.

If diseases are remediable and reversible as most of them are, it is constructive. When disease can no longer be reversed through body remediable processes, it is degenerative. For instance, an arthritic’s bony deposits can usually be autolyzed (self digested) and restored to near normal. But when ankylosis has occurred due to destruction of bone and cartilage and subsequent fusing, health practices will restore health except for the ankylosis – it is rarely reversible. However, many diseases commonly regarded as degenerative can be corrected by the body, most cases of arthritis being among them.

Purposes of Disease
Disease affects the whole body, not just a part. Disease serves an important body purpose. The body initiates remedial diseases to accomplish a goal. The goal serves the whole body, not just an organ, area, or part. For instance, we can know we have diseased kidneys. But, in actuality, the whole body is diseased. The fact that the symptoms are noticeable only in the kidneys does not mean that the rest of the body is unaffected – it means that the kidneys are the focal point for the eliminative effort, the point at which toxic matters are put out of the body.

Everything that affects any part of the body affects the whole organism. If we have a bad back, the whole body is affected. We are concerned about the welfare of our toes, fingers, ears, legs, eyes, arms – we defend our whole being because our whole body is a single unit. There are no isolated parts about which we are unconcerned, either at the conscious or unconscious level of intelligence. We defend it all at all levels because it is all of us. We don’t have a disease here or a disease there. It’s suffered all over. An inflamed appendix has been over­loaded with toxic materials because the body was over­loaded. Body intelligence puts the overload out through all channels of elimination, but despite this the load was so great the appendix was burdened with more than it could handle. This condition is the same in all remedial diseases where a local organ seems to be the only thing affected.

Disease Is Started by the Body
The body itself institutes the crisis known as disease. We call this process a “housecleaning” or healing crisis. Such a procedure by the body is instituted when bodily integrity is compromised or threatened by an accumulation of un-eliminated toxic materials. The level of vitality and the extent of the overload determine the type of crisis. Given high vitality as in an infant, a very low level of toxicity is tolerated. In infants colds are frequent. Given low vitality as in most older people in our society, colds are a rarity. Because so few older people maintain vital bodies, the toxic overload drags them down into chronic diseases, degenerative diseases, and unsuspected pathology that leads to unexpected death or a “sudden onset” of cancer.

The body must be in a toxic state before it will institute a crisis. Neither bacteria nor anything else starts and sustains a crisis. Microorganisms are incapable of unified action; in fact they cannot exist where there is no food (soil) for them, and living cells are not soil for bacteria.

Bacteria are helpless against living cells. An “invasion” by bacteria such as we imagine in contagion never takes place. The bacteria that proliferate in a crisis are with us all the time. We harbor uncounted billions of microorganisms in our intestinal tract, on our skin, in our mouth and nose and other body cavities. Thus, the body is the ONLY actor in the crisis of elimination or cleansing called a disease. Bacteria and viruses cannot be blamed for disease.

Blaming disease on viruses or bacteria is an easy cop out. It’s not good business to tell a client that they have caused their own miseries, so the medical profession has blamed suffering on everything but the individual’s own failure in the game of living.

Disease Is an Eliminative Process
The body creates a crisis in response to a body need to free itself of toxic matters and repair damages. Consequently, the body withdraws energy from normal body activities and redirects them to the healing crisis.

EXAMPLE: I could tell you that I am suffering a disease at this moment. I’m not at ease with my larynx as you’ve noticed in my trying to clear my voice. I ate some cabbage for my evening meal. It was very sharp as it had some mustard oil in it, without doubt. Typically any irritant in the throat, esophagus or windpipe will occasion the flow of mucus which encompasses the irritant for the purpose of ejecting it from the body. In my case now, the body has started a mucus flow to clear the passage of what was regarded as toxic or irritating substance. This is a minor disease or uneasy. But it is disease and the body reacted to maintain its functional integrity.

The body will reject anything that’s irritating. For example, if dust is put into your nose, the body will secrete mucus to surround and eject the dust irritant. Or you may sneeze. In both cases, the body is acting defensively. Thus, all remedial disease is body-defensive action.

Bacteria do not invade organisms for they’re always within the organism. Even after we’ve lost our intestinal flora after fasting, bacteria are still there. Bacteria can in many cases do what bears and many other animals do ­hibernate or become dormant. Pasteur was not the father of bacteriology as many people think. Antoine Bechamp was the father of this science. Bechamp was a scientist in the true sense of the word. He took what he called microzyma from the chalk cliffs of France. He found that, upon furnishing water, warmth and other nutrients, the microzyma proliferated. These microorganisms had been entombed for ten million years in a state of dormancy. So bacteria have certain qualities for survival that most are not aware of.

The celebrated Dr. Lewis Thomas who heads the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute said “pity not the man who has caught bacteria; pity the bacteria that was caught by the man.” This is to say that humans furnish a very rough environment for bacteria. The body keeps them restricted within certain bounds. The body controls bacteria at all times. The body is master of its domain.

ebola virusBacteria do not control the body as medical people have led us to believe. The following is two paragraphs from a “bible” on Natural Hygiene/Healthology, Dr. Shelton’s first major work, Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws.

“For ages the study of disease has progressed. One by one the various systems and system complexes that are presented by the diseased human body have been studied with painstaking care in both living and dead bodies. The study of pathology has reached a degree of perfection unknown to most of the collateral sciences that form what is called the science of medicine. Knowledge of pathology increased by leaps and bounds after the invention of the microscope, until today pathology is one of the most important studies for the medical student. Physiology, anatomy, histology and biology are all made subservient to pathology.

“The study of disease has fascinated the student for ages. Health has received scant attention. Strange as it may appear, health has been considered of so little importance as to be unworthy of investigation. No schools ever existed for teaching the conditions of health. Medical schools existed to train the student in a knowledge of disease and cures. Even today no school exists that has as its purpose the teaching of the conditions and requirements of health. The conditions of a healthy life are but little understood by the various healing professions and still less so by the general public. Health is not in the professional line of the physician.”

The medical world is preoccupied with treating disease with drugs that are currently in fashion. Their seeking out of bacteria and “viruses” as culprits in disease reminds me of a little joke we heard back after the Second World War. It goes like this.

During the Second World War a German civilian worked in a concentration camp. One evening he pushed a wheelbarrow to the exit gate for inspection by a guard. The wheelbarrow was loaded with rags. The guard, very conscientious about his job and the security of the camp and its assets, methodically went through the rags but found nothing. So he waved the worker through the gate.

The very next day the worker came through with a wheelbarrow of newspapers. The guard repeated the previous careful examination. The following day came a wheelbarrow of leaves. Again the same thorough inspection.

The day following this the worker came to the guard pushing a heavy load of dirt. The guard was not going to be fooled. He made the worker dump the dirt and spread it out, then laboriously reload it on the wheelbarrow.

The next workday came another load of newspapers.

The guard was very suspicious that the worker was sneaking something out. So, in addition to other procedures, he tapped the handles and other places for concealed material that the worker might be stealing. But nothing was found.

This went on almost every workday for a year. On occa­sion the guard systematically searched the wheelbarrows but never found anything of value being removed from the camp.

By and by the war was over. A while later the former guard met the former construction worker on the street.

He went up to the worker and stopped him abruptly with this smiling demand:

“Hans, you have to tell me something. I’m no dummy.

You were stealing something from the camp. I could never find it. Now that it doesn’t matter, why not let me in on it?”

Hans replied, “Why, dummkopf, you saw it with your own eyes. I was stealing wheelbarrows.”

Such blindness characterizes the medical profession.

The purpose of disease is so evident that the medics can’t see it. They are looking for something that doesn’t exist, and they have no idea, after countless millions of man hours of chasing microbes and similar dead ends, that viruses as living entities do not exist.

So they have gone into the phenomenon of disease ela­borately and have chronicled over twenty thousand differ­ent diseases. They name them after the area that is most affected. Sometimes they have multiple names because of the number of organs or organ systems or tissues which are affected.

TOXEMIA IS THE UNIVERSAL CAUSE OF DISEASE Actually, there is only one disease, no matter how it manifests itself. And the disease, which we call construc­tive disease, is occasioned by the body itself and is known as a crisis of toxemia or healing.

The Seven Stages of Disease

There are several stages of disease. The underlying cause of disease in all stages is toxemia. Although toxemia may arise from many sources, it basically exists because of insufficient nerve energy to sufficiently eliminate exogenous poisons and body wastes. Toxemia is not broad enough a term to cover the whole poisoning process for it means poison in the blood. Actually toxicosis exists. Tissues, cells and interstitial spaces are also toxic-laden. In short, the whole body is toxic.

Diseases present many different aspects because they evolve with the progressing deterioration of the organism that suffers them. Disease has seven distinct stages. These stages correspond to the distinct differences of each stage of evolution.

To learn more and discover the seven stages of disease go to and become a member of the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program.



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The only good reason to enter into a business is to make as much Money as you can and it is important to keep this in mind. Quite frankly, in business, everything other than Money is irrelevant and the product is really secondary as long as it sells. For example, are you interested in Popsicle Sticks? Possibly not, but if you could easily clear $250,000 per year in a Popsicle Stick business you might suddenly find Popsicle Sticks to be quite Exciting. The point is … Making Money is good regardless of the product just as long as it is done legally, morally and in this case Easily!

And why health? In spite of all the great advances in many branches of science, we are still in a period of prehistory, and Dark Age in our thinking about health, disease and healing. I ask you again. “Is America a Healthy Country”? Read below. America is a terribly sick country!

* 1 out of 2 Americans will die of heart disease. 
* 1 out of 3 Americans will die of Cancer. (New report estimates that there were about 12 million new cancer diagnoses worldwide this year, and more than 7 million people will die of the disease). Plus, an estimated 200,000 lung cancer per year in the U.S. alone. 
* Diabetes is on the rise and catching up with heart disease and cancer. 
* 70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating. 
* More than 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease. 
* Over 100,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year! 
* Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders. 
* Over 200,000 yearly will die from the so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs which are perfumed language for “poison effects.” 
* Almost every baby born in America has already been drugged before birth, either by physicians or by drugs in the mother’s blood stream when she is drugged (which is often!) 
E There are about 55,000,000 insomniacs in America. 
* An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure. And blood pressure is on the rise. Over 35,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.” 
* There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America.
*46.5 million Adults with diagnosed arthritis. The worst part is that they have become an accepted part of society because of having existed for so long. 
* Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits!

I have more shocking news for you: by the time you go to bed tonight, about 400 or more normal, “healthy” people will do exactly what their doctors tell them to do… and then die.

And that’s not all…

Thousands more will not die, but they will suffer — just because they followed their doctors’ orders.

And that’s still not all…

Millions more people — maybe even you — will spend every single day suffering needlessly with anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, sexual dysfunction and many other kind of discomfort. All with the full knowledge and helpless acceptance of their doctors. And, all because they think they’re being helped.

There you have it! America is NOT a healthy country. Does that sound like a healthy or happy Country? I could go on with a seemingly endless list of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines, TV and periodicals. The Seriousness and significance of our Global Health Information Program is a must in today’s world! There’s nothing Else like It. America cannot afford the path we’re on!

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Don’t read another word of this letter. Put it down and walk away, convinced in your choice to keep the blindfold over your eyes and your head stuck in the sand.

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The nature and purpose of disease,
Program for perfect health, Introduction to Nutritional Science,
The immense wisdom and providence of the body,
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Proteins in the diet,
 the metabolic wizard of life processes,
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You begin on STEP#1 – (Your Cost, is a onetime initiation membership payment of $100.00 plus $37.00 monthly for your health coaching membership and lessons.) Your earnings are $191.80. (Complete this step and, you’ve just got more than your investment back.) It’s that simple! Your commission is 20% from each member on your first level. (You need 7 new members in your down line.) Now, without you doing anything, the 7 Members in your 1st stage also follow our Strategy and each one gets 7 (or more) Members of their own. Their Members are now placed in your 2nd stage. This means that you have now gotten an additional 49 Members (7 x 7). Since you get 10% for stage 2 and 3 you will also receive $17.40 for each of the 49 in this stage. This is an Additional Income for you of $852.60, each and every month. This is how it would look: (49 X $17.40)

Now you are on STEP #2 – on this level you’re earning $5390.00. (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). The 49 Members from your 2nd stage now each get 7 (or more) of their own for a total of 343 (49 x 7) to be placed here in your 3rd stage. Again, you get 10% for three stages so you will receive an additional Income of $4,699.00 from this stage each and every month.

On STEP #3 – it becomes exhilarating! You are earning $37,730.00. (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). You know where this is going, the 343 Members from your 3rd stage each get 7 (or more) of their own for a total of 2401 new members in your 4th stage and an additional Income for you of $32,893.70 each and every month. Multiply the $32893.70 per month by 12 months and it comes out to a yearly income of $394,724.40. What if you have 20, 40, 100 Members or more in your 1st stage

On STEP #4 – At this step you have reached critical mass. From that point forward, this powerful system begins a self-replicating financial equation generating 16,807 new members and nearly $115,127.00 a month every month for the rest of your life. Your earnings can be explosive! Your earnings are $115,127.00 (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 5% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). Adding all of the above steps, your grand total is $154,062.30 (Your investment has been only $37.00 monthly.) Turn $100.00 onetime membership fee plus $37.00 a month into over $154,000.00 monthly income.) You have leveraged $100.00 a month to nearly $154, 000.00. This can be earned month after month and we can do the work for you. All of the above can happen within 6 to 24 months! And, you can figure out your ROI. (Return on Investment) The above examples are based on $37.00 monthly internet based membership fee.

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Members are Easy to Get

We just showed in the previous section how tremendously powerful and dynamic our Income Plan truly is. How else could only 10 Members and a mere 20% commission per Member transform into over $250,000 per year? We know of no other way to make this much Money so quickly and easily!

Now think back for a moment. You first received a 1 page letter from one of our Members then sent the order form portion to us for this Information. The fact that you sent for this information proves to us that the 1 page letter you received is very effective. In other words, the 1 page letter works! You may have noticed that there was a number on the order form portion of the 1-page letter. If you quickly look at the very bottom left of the back page of this information (Application & Agreement) you will notice that the very same number appears there. If you quickly look at the very bottom right of your Application & Agreement you will notice a blank space for your Member # to be assigned. This is the key to how we control the club and how you make Money

When you submit your Application & Agreement we will assign you a Member # and enter you into our computer with the strictest privacy. You will then receive your Membership Kit and it will contain your copy of the 1 page letter with your personal Member # on it.

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You simply copy and mail your personalized 1 page letter and we handle everything else! By using a Member # on the 1 page letter rather than your name we protect your privacy. This means that you will never have to bother anybody and nobody will ever bother you! All questions will come to us, we handle the Customer Service and we ship the Product. This makes things very simple and easy for you. (Some members use they name also, this is they choice).

Let’s walk through the entire process in detail so you will fully understand how it works:

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This educational program is dedicated to the whole human race, in the firm conviction that its content will be involved in relieving much of the suffering that proliferates on every person and that it will point the way to better health and longevity to all those who apply its principles. Would you like to save those around you with a 100% effective health system? Opportunities galore exist in this health field! There’s practically no one in it, because it has nothing to do with lotions, potions, powders or pills and nothing to do with drugs, medications, radiation or surgery.

Yes, there are about 10 to 20 million Americans working as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, etc., but THIS IS NOT THE HEALTH FIELD!

In fact the impact of these professions on the health field is almost totally negative! This army of people is in the disease-treating business! Treatments make people worse, not better! There is a vast difference between drugging, cutting, and “caring” for the ailing on the one hand and guiding them to exuberant sickness-free health on the other! (And all can be done without personal contact.)The truth is that no one can be drugged or treated into good health. ONLY HEALTHFUL LIVING PRACTICES PRODUCE HEALTH!

Life’s essentials are as simple and natural as breathing good air, drinking pure water, eating food of our biological disposition, getting adequate sleep, activity, sunshine and many other equally simple needs.

As a member of the SHWICC health specialist, you can be instrumental in steering people to wonderful well-being. You can be knowledgeable in health matters whom people will seek out for counseling and guidance-and at earning a substantial amount that will give you a comfortable and respected niche in your social circle. You can be involved in the “marketing” of this same program that will yield you an appreciable income.

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However, you can succeed even if you are a high school dropout. If you are articulate, personable, congenial, and knowledgeable in health matters (which are so simple animals in nature are healthy without any special learning), deeply concerned about the well-being of yourself, your family and fellow beings and concerned with the future health of humanity, you can become a shining success.

As one of our health specialist, you will guide people to undertake steps that will have them over their miseries in a few days to a few weeks. All you need to do is to introduce them to this program just by mailing our one page letter, just like you’ve received. Or have us do it for you.

WHAT more can be asked by any doctor or layman than a philosophy of the cause of disease that gives a perfect understanding of all the So-called diseases? To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable knowledge of how to avoid diseases, and how to cure them. When people know how to avoid disease they know an immunization that immunizes rationally. Dependable knowledge of what disease really is and its cause is man’s salvation; and when it can be had with no more effort than it’s required to read carefully and understand our monthly lessons, there is little excuse for anyone, lay or professional, to live in ignorance of it. Knowledge is power. Knowledge of how to have health gives greatest power. However, few people know anything about the cause of disease. To them this health course is dedicated and the freedom from medical superstition it will bring them.

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“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”- Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British statesman and author.

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The secrets you be learning in this course are ALL 100% legal and effective. These are secrets demonized by the media, the government, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, the vitamin supplement industry and their establishment paymasters because of conflicting agendas.

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Please don’t be one of the suckers. Please leave “the public at large” mindset behind you, where it belongs: in your past.
There’s a reason why the self-made healthy and wealthy are in the minority: because they abandon conventional wisdom and stop sabotaging themselves with cynicism and self-doubt!

When you join the SHWICC program you have to stop thinking like all the other sick, unhealthy and poor souls who are on the outside of the circle. You have to stop believing the propaganda the system feeds you. Propaganda from:

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4. Members of the public at large who are experts on nothing other than negativity

For the record, the only agenda we have is to bring you into the light of truth so you can be healthy and prosper, and we only ask for a small fee for material, postage and handling and tuition in return.

Like everything else in life … timing is everything! This is the time for you to rise up and take control over your health and financial future. You’re in control of making your own decision. The ball is in your court. I’ve presented you this unique opportunity as genuinely and accurately as I possibly can. With so much at your disposal and absolutely no risk on your part … it’s a no brainer! Make your move before this opportunity is gone forever!

The Next Move
You must decide if you want to be a part of this Inner Circle now or wait to hear about it later from someone else who joined and found Easy Street! Your Personalized Membership and training Kit is waiting to be mailed to you. Complete your Application Today and mail it with your Membership Fee! We are excited to have you as a Member in this Explosive Club!

© copyright 2014 all rights reserved.


I do hereby enroll as a Member in the SHWICC program. I fully understand that I am subscribing to and purchasing a monthly health educational program (that I may cancel at any time without obligation) and that SHWICC will invoice me monthly for the lessons. I also understand that I am eligible to participate in the Marketing Program for the SHWICC program if I choose to do so.

Independent Marketer Agreement: Signing and submitting this document does not obligate you to purchase future issues of the SHWICC program nor does it obligate you to market products offered by the SHWICC, it simply acknowledges that you have read and agree to the stated terms and policies if you so choose to participate in the optional marketing program:
I (Independent Marketer) understand that I am eligible, at my own free will, to participate in the optional marketing program offered by SHWICC. If I choose to participate, however, I am only authorized to market SHWICC program using materials supplied or approved by SHWICC and that my marketing status may be suspended or terminated if I misrepresent SHWICC in any way. I understand that as an Independent Marketer I am not under the employ of SHWICC and that SHWICC will not withhold taxes from my commission earnings. However, SHWICC will file a 1099 form reporting my earnings to the IRS when the annual earnings limit is met. As an Independent Marketer of the SHWICC program I assume full liability and responsibility for all aspects of operating my independent business including monetary investment. I fully understand that individual results may vary and that income is not guaranteed in this or any business venture, therefore, SHWICC makes no promise or guarantee of future income other than to provide monthly commission checks that are earned from my independent marketing efforts.

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Study after study reporting the alarming increase in skin cancer cases over the last several years, if you’re wondering what sunscreen might have to do with it. Read the research of Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, the author of Sunscreens Biohazard – Treat as Hazardous Waste. Dr. Plourde is a hormone specialist with 25 years of extensive medical research and writing to her credit who has recently focused her attention on the hormonally disruptive chemicals utilized in sunscreens. Here are the most disturbing conclusions of her research:

1. Sunscreens are now in 97 percent of Americans’ blood streams and in 85 percent of breast milk samples.

2. The rapid increase in melanoma cases demonstrates sunscreen is NOT the answer. Sunscreens contribute to its cause because they leave the skin open to deeper penetrating radiation! The FDA only requires UV filtering, but UV rays only make up 4 percent of the solar radiation spectrum. Sunscreen use exposes the skin longer to near infrared rays that account up 47 percent of solar radiation and penetrate deeper than UV rays.

3. Sunscreen chemicals pass through the placenta causing fetal development disruption. Fish show gender disruption due to sunscreen chemicals’ strong hormonal influences, indicating the same gender disruption can occur in human fetuses. Common in the news today are children with gender identity confusion.

4. Sunscreen is now being linked to autism. Recent statistics show that autism is continuing to rise and to increase more rapidly in boys, which highlights the importance of addressing the many connections that connect the development of autism with the use of sunscreens:

  • The ratio of autistic boys compared to girls has risen from 4:1 to 4.6:1, or approximately 5 boys to every girl. Sunscreens are more potent anti-testosterones than Flutamide, the anti-testosterone drug given to prostate cancer patients to block the action of their testosterone. This would impact male development more than female development.
  • Autistic children demonstrate thyroid disruption. Sunscreens demonstrate the ability to disrupt normal thyroid development in the fetus. Abnormal thyroid affects speech and cognitive skills, both are aspects of the spectrum of autistic disorders.
  • Autism rates vary by race. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) 2008 reconfirms Caucasians have a higher incidence rate than either African Americans or Hispanics. More Caucasians use sunscreen than the other two groups, as evidenced by the higher percentage of sunscreen chemicals found in their blood.
  • The rise in autism incidence parallels the rise in sunscreen use. In the 1970s and 1980s when sunscreens were introduced, the incidence of children diagnosed with autism was approximately 1 in 2,000. The MMWR 2008 reports that it is now 11 per 1,000.
  • Vitamin D is identified as crucial to proper brain development before the age of 2. Sunscreen blocks vitamin D production and proper brain development cannot take place. The deficiencies in the brain development — as a result of low vitamin D — are being identified in autistic children.
  • Aluminum is suspected as a cause of autism. Sunscreens contain aluminum — whether it is listed on the label or not — as it is used in processing the ingredients.

5. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming pandemic. Sunscreen use prevents the ability of the skin to manufacture our vitally important vitamin D. Diseases that occur from low vitamin D are increasing at rapid rates, including cancers. The cost for cancers resulting from vitamin D deficiencies in 2004 alone are estimated to be between $40 and 56 billion.

6. Coral die within 96 hours of exposure to low levels of sunscreen chemicals. The stress created by these toxins makes coral less resistant to slight temperature fluctuations.

7. Phytoplankton, the crucial bottom of the food chain, die because they absorb sunscreens’ zinc oxide until they explode.

8. Sunscreen chemicals are now ubiquitous in our lakes and rivers around the world.

9. Upon exposure to sunscreen chemicals, fish become “inter-sexed” as they develop both male and female reproductive organs. Some even stop spawning all together.

10. Sunscreen chemicals are even in muscles of the fish we eat.

All of this may seem a little overwhelming because it flies in the face of conventional wisdom and everything we have been taught by dermatologists and skincare experts over the last decade. I’m sure you may be as disturbed as I am, but I have some practical suggestions that will help you to transition into a skin-protective program from the outside in and the inside out.


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An Indictment of the Biggest Deception of All Times!

An Indictment of the Biggest Deception of All Times!

 Children with flu

Mommy, what is a virus?

How many youngsters have asked this simple question when told they are sick because they have a “virus.” And how many parents have responded like this? “A virus is a little beast so small you can’t see it with your eyes. It gets into you and causes terrible sicknesses.”

That explanation is about, as illuminating as any you’ll come across. A doctor of philosophy, Dr. Stephen S. Marse, a few years ago when asked the question, responded like this: What is a virus? “Considering the virus’s size and simplicity (an infectious agent is little more than a collection of genes wrapped in a protein case) it can cause tremendous damage.

Unlike other living organisms a virus doesn’t eat, secrete or propel itself, and it’s unable to reproduce without the aid of another living creature. Instead, this microbial commando reprograms the cells of another organism, making it the virus’s “host” or, in many cases, its victim. “A reprogrammed cell becomes a traitor, forced to cease its normal functions and obsessively manufacture copies of the invader. The virus then seizes key positions in the host’s body and spreads to other hosts-in-waiting at the first opportunity.

Some viruses attack and disable their victims with cruel speed; Ebola has an incubation period of just five to eight days and a mortality rate as high as 90 percent. Other viruses take years to harm their hosts. AIDS can incubate for up to a decade, allowing the deadly agent plenty of time to pass to new hosts before its ill effects become apparent. Others, such as herpes simplex, coexist so well we’re often unaware of their presence.

IS THIS VIEWPOINT SCIENTIFIC? OR EVEN LOGICAL? I’ve read dozens of descriptions of viruses in books on the subject, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, in magazines, newspapers, the Internet and sundry other places.

ebola virus 3

ebola virus 2ebola virusThis explanation is about as far a field as any. I’m writing this article in responds to these statements on a point-by-point basis because of what’s was going on with the toxic spraying in the NY area a few years ago and revived because what is going on in the Florida surrounding areas and the cruise lines. And today September 16, 2014 I’m revising it again because of the Ebola Virus. Thus, let’s get into a bill of particulars: Also remember, this business of virus will come up every time during the time when the medical and pharmaceutical industry wants to immunize people with a new developed vaccine or in the verge of developing one. They will vaccinate people making them think that they will be resistant to a particular disease. (profits is the name of the game.)

WAKE UP AMERICA! There is not a drug, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any product, vegetable juice, herb, mineral/vitamin supplements, homeopathic medicine, or any other substance found in a store, on the Internet, or on this earth that can ever heal anyone of anything!

All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level. To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”

Everything we are being told is a lie. As Americans we must learn to get smarter and more savvy about how to sort through the fear-based rhetoric that sells newspapers, Radio and TV programs so that we are able to better assess exactly what is going on with Ebola in Africa and the U.S.  “Fear is a great motivator, do what we say, take this or that medication (drugs) or you will die”.

NVIC’s (National Vaccine Information Center) latest fully referenced commentary reviews the brief timeline of what is being billed as “The Worst Ebola Outbreak Ever,” while pharmaceutical companies partner with federal agencies to fast track experimental Ebola vaccines to bring them to market.

1. No clinical or laboratory research has ever been done to prove that so-called viruses have any modus operandi or cause anything at all. A so-called virus has no nerves, sensors or any quality of life.

To do tremendous damage, the “virus” must have physical, chemical and/or electrical capabilities. No evidence has ever, in about the last 100 years it has been blamed for diseases, been adduced to prove that so-called viruses have any life or any capabilities whatsoever!

2. Indeed, so-called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with which to change anything or generate energy, no secretions, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or nerve energy, no reproductive faculties nor, in fact, any qualities of life whatsoever.

Thusly, what are called viruses are dead organic matter consisting of genetic and chromosomal RNA or DNA encased in a protein capsids, those capsids being identical to the capsids of the genomes within the many thousands of life units called mitochondria or organelles that populate every human cell from a few hundred up to 30,000 or more.

3. Those, as genomes, so-called viruses are merely the genetic patterns for entitative organisms with all the qualities of life as in bacteria, mitochondria, (organelles) fungi and human cells!

4. These genomes from cellular nuclei and mitochondria are, in fact, the genetic patterns for mitosis (cellular and mitochondrial division and replication), for mitochondrial protein synthesis, for mitochondrial sugar use (glucose combustion or conversion through oxidation) and conversion into body energy through the medium of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and an innumerable of other life processes.

5. When Koch’s postulates shot the bacterial explanation for disease, the medical/pharmaceutical industry, with a vested interest in disease, fabricated new scapegoats called viruses to be fought with drugs, (called medicine) thus selling their nefarious products. Just as readily as they shot down the germ theory, so too, do Koch’s postulates impale and discredit the viral theory of disease causation.

6. No research or experiments have ever been reported where so-called viruses were tested according to the criteria of Koch’s postulates.

7. Lifeless genomes do not and cannot invade cells as reported and photographed. What has been photographed are cells conducting eating process called pinocytosis or phagocytosis wherein they absorb for recycling breakdown debris from disintegrated neighboring cells that have expired.

8. Statements that so-called viruses, without any life qualities, or any ability to move or maneuver, attack cells, seize positions, inject themselves into a cell, command a cell, infect a cell, program a cell, wreak tremendous damage or in any manner perform any act or in any way cause any result are inherently absurd. The living organism always acts and causes results favorable to itself. Only pure chemical unions from chemicals (poisons) such as Malathion and Sumithrin pose a serious threat. Dead materials are always acted upon! Only the living organism does the acting. The very state that “viruses” attack when they do not have any assault or offensive faculties, no energy or capability for any activity and have no equipment for damaging thing at all is sheer fiction.

9. So-called viruses are in fact genomic cellular debris, the cytomegalovirus having been the genome of the nucleus from an expired cell. Most so-called viruses are the genomes from the several hundred up to 30,000 or more mitochondria inhabiting a cell, the population of the cell being determined by its specialization and function. By far the preponderance in number of so-called viruses have been genomes in the trillions upon trillions of mitochondria or organelles which comprised the living units of the hundreds of billions of cells which expire daily in the human body. Some so-called viruses are called cytomegalovirus, meaning they are big cell viruses. In fact, these monstrous sized vrii, comparatively, are from the nucleus of a cell, which is larger in itself than several thousand mitochondria combined. Other “viruses” may enter the portal blood from the intestines where bacteria die by the trillions each day! They too, have genomes.

10. “Viruses” which are nonessential to the human body are mostly from bacteria and fungi.

11. “Viruses” by the trillions are consumed daily by human body cells that providentially recycle the contents of body cells that die. By processes called pinocytosis and phagocytosis, cells in contact with food invaginate, form an impromptu stomach, secrete lysosomes as digestants and thusly break “viruses” and other materials down into amino acids, simple fatty acids and glucose for purposes of reuse. Minerals and vitamins associated therewith are also reused. The photographs of these processes always show action on behalf of the cell, never the so-called virus.

12. It’s a monstrous contrived lie that a dead bit of organic material, a genome called a virus, can “command” any-thing to reproduce it. It does not, in fact, get reproduced, but is recycled, it is only further reduced by cellular digestive processes into its basic nutrients. Should a genome be reproduced, it would be ONLY as part of an organism (a cell, bacterium, fungus, mitochondrion or organelle, etc.) for which it is merely a genetic pattern. Such obligate reproduction by a cell of an alien genome as stated and implied by apologists and propagandists for the pharmaceutical/medical system is contrary to all the principles of biology.

13. A “microbial commando” is a myth of the imagination of so-called scientists who prostitute themselves in service to an unconscionable and murderous association with a vested interest in a diseased and suffering populace. This vested interest consists in marketing medical services, insurance, drugs and all attendants upon that. Further, this interest is in creating mediocre beings who do not think or question in order that their power and propaganda will be above criticism. The term microbe means a minute form of life and a genome is in no sense a bit of life. It hears repeating that it is only the genomic debris from what was a life unit.

14. The only victims of “viruses” are humans who have been deceive into believing such preposterous nonsense.

15. Viruses do not incubate! Incubation is, in fact, the development of a fertilized ovum into a multi-cellular creature. No other processes can be called incubation without doing violence to the word and the language. Neither are viruses dormant inasmuch as only living things estivate, hibernate or in any way suspend activities. Repeat: Genomes or “viruses” are dead cellular debris in the first place and are incapable of any activities at all.

16. The statement that “viruses,” really genomic debris without limbs, flagella, teeth, mouths and other faculties, can attack and disable a live and self-sufficient cell millions of times larger is irrational, illogical, ridiculous and, in fact, stupid.

17. The original organizations which concocted, perpetrated and perpetuated the viral myth designed it as a scapegoat to accomplish, among other objectives, the diversion of attention away from the disease- causing role of their drugs, the chemically filled foods of their commerce, cooked foods, fermenting and putrefying intestinal contents caused by conventional diets and practices, condiments, recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking and a host of other causal agencies in which they have a vested interest.

18. The word virus originally meant and still means merely a poison despite all the new definitions accommodating this over 100 year-old myth. The word virulent does not mean contagious, but merely poisonous.

19. Today, explanations of disease attributed to “viruses” are giving way to explanations blaming weak, poor or defective genes.

20. Genomic debris was pronounced to be “viruses” after the introduction of the electronic microscope in 1936. That, prior to that time, reference to them was equivalent to attributing cause of diseases to evil spirits for, other than being referred to as “filterable viruses”, there were no ascertainable parameters for adjudging cause.

21. Cells naturally resist and, with their multitude of defensive and offensive faculties, speedily dispatch or destroy “attackers,” especially lifeless materials that are contrary to their interests.

22. Upon cellular death, (several hundred billion cells die daily within the human body) sacs within each cell containing lysosomes rupture and disintegrate the cell into debris. That debris includes the remains of around 20 to 30 thousand mitochondria or organelles in most cells other than those of the blood. Because of their extraordinary protection by capsids, lysosomes do not disintegrate the integument (protective covering) of the genomes thoroughly, trillions of them daily remaining relatively intact through the process. These genomes do not, however, remain intact through recycling processes. They are digested and recycled by a very provident body.

23. Physiologists teach that cells are disintegrated upon their death by their own lysosomes. What, pray tell, enables presumed “viruses” “to survive” the onslaught of powerful digestive enzymes while mitochondrial genomes die? Especially as there is not and cannot be any differentiation between them, both being identical? How can chemicals discern the difference between its mitochondrial genomes and “alien viruses” presumably created by a cell through a fictional modus operandi, which, if true, would still be composed of domestic materials created by the cell’s processes.

There is an axiom/postulate that says that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. In physiology this is the equivalent to saying that the genomes of cells and mitochondria are real and so-called viruses are mere attributions, really created myths of a pharmaceutical/medical system desperate for scapegoats. I hope you can see, dear reader, that this “settled medical question” is merely a commonly accepted myth of medical creation and has no basis in facts.

I hope you can see that truth taught in biology, that is that no organism has the capability of reproducing an alien organism. Read and study thoughtfully and critically! Think for yourself! When you accept the prognostications of others, you are liable to be un-awarely impressed into their service. And now I leave you with this thought.

“If you bring outward what is within you, what you bring outward will save you. If you do not bring outward what is within you, what you do not bring outward will destroy you.”

Educate yourself with the truth join the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching monthly program  Click HERE.


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Unhealthy Diets

Unhealthy diet 2

unhealthy diet






The “Atkins” and other Unhealthy Diets

The “Truth in Health” is needed now more than ever! Hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year because they have been convinced by powerful media messages to eat the wrong foods. For example, the Atkins and other diets (which encourages people not to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower) have gained national attention once again and the principles that the “Truth in Health” stands for are under attack..
Duke University recently did a study of the Atkins diet, paid by non other than the Atkins Foundation, (most of the studies are done by the creators and promoters and reported that participants had a 49 percent reduction in triglycerides and lost an average of 31 pounds in just six months. Such reports are not only
irresponsible and misleading, and they also encourage people to eat fatty foods like butter, steaks, pork and cheese.
Well-informed readers of the “Truth In Health” see these reports and understand that these high-fat low-fiber foods are unhealthy. However, not everyone knows the truth. People on the Atkins diet are not being told the facts about the long-term effects of their diet and the risk of significant health problems, like cancer and
kidney disease.
About 70 percent of the population are now overweight, and people are desperately seeking healthy solutions. They are looking for answers for themselves and their love ones. Nonetheless, they are being bombarded with inaccurate, commercialized, misleading and confusing information.
You can STOP all of this confusion with the Think back to when you first discovered  Some people learned about the message of this important organization from our parents or grandparents. Others were in search of a solution to a particular health problem. However, the fortunate thing is that you’ve found, understand its message and follow its principles
to better health for yourself and your family. The, the Health and Nutritional Guidance Center and the Galant Group Seminars have been providing accurate true health information since 1984 and has helped thousand of people to experience good health.
This has been a good experience. Unfortunately, after all these years, not enough people have heard our message of health and healthful living. Does your neighborhood health food store and your neighbors know about How about your friends and co-workers? Probably not. However, ask most people
if they have heard about the Atkins diet, and not only have they heard of it, they’ve probably been on it or know someone who has. And, millions have purchased his book.
We cannot and will not allow Atkins and others to continue to misinform people! We must increase our educational efforts. Over the years has improved to become an organization we are all proud of, and it’s now time to expand our circulating efforts so that it can truly reach the masses. We must educate more people on the health benefits of then message, and it must be everywhere. Our Website needs to grow so people all over the world can access accurate and truthful health information that can and will guide them to improve their health. Its time to make a larger difference.
We can play a significant role in the coming year. This can only be achieved by a commitment to increased circulation of our health message through the Internet. And, we need your help! As someone who has already wisited our Website you understand the importance of promoting healthful living through education, so we
ask you to please send this Website to all your friends and relatives. Just click HERE. 

What They Want Us To Believe: IS NOT THE REAL “HEALTH” TRUTH…They’ve Been Lying to Us! They’ve been feeding us nothing but lies, lies, and more lies about what it takes to become healthy! And NOW you can learn “The Truth in Health.”

You cannot be poisoned or drugged into good health with drugs even if those drugs are called medicines. Neither can you be returned to health by herbs, treatments or any other modalities. All healing is “Self-Healing.” Health is produced ONLY by intelligent life practices as decreed by your human physiological disposition.

 Most people ask about what most be done or what they should take for various diseases, sicknesses and ailments that we are compelled to write this for those who ask and for the general readers.The idea that something must be done to “cure” a disease condition is so common that we are prompted to reiterate the “Fundamental Priciples” of life.

 The average American is perpetually intoxicated from body wastes that do not get eliminated because of energy draining(enervating) life-style factors.

 What you must realize is this: Virtually all body problems, that is illnesses, sicknesses, diseases, ailments, maladies, etc. arise from “toxicity” often called “toxemia” but more correctly called “toxicosis.” When the body finally in desperation, initiates a Detoxification/Healing
crisis such as a cold, flu, allergy, headache, backache, fever, cough, inflamed eyes, “infection.” acne, herpes, sore throat, or some “itis” (appendix-itis, tonsil-itis, etc.) You most understand what your body is doing and cooperate with it. Instead of trying to stop the body’s vital remedial efforts with drugs, herbs and other modalities or so-called remedies

 The body’s problems arise from stressful and enervating (energy draining) situations and practices that impede eliminations of body wastes; toxic intake such as drugs and drug habits; “remedies” and wrong foods.
When the body can no longer tolerate the toxic accumulation at its level of vitality, it initiates a “sickness” or “disease” (symptoms) for the purpose of detoxifying itself and repairing damages. The body endeavors to restore as much as possible its normal functioning condition.

 The quickest way to become well again is to cooperate with you body. It is more intelligent than we are.
Dr. Laurence Galant
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The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION

I wrote this report 11 years ago in October 2002 and I’m rewriting. By reading newspapers, magazines and listening to TV reports, you can tell things have not changed much. In fact, in some areas things have gotten worse. Just read the report below and you will understand.

The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION 

Vaccines are cruel frauds and an Enormous plot against all of us! Vaccines are brain-damaging and brain-impairing! By no stretch of logic can they suspend the laws of life and prevent any disease whose causes continue to be indulged. Immunization is an outright myth!  Nothing can suspend or nullify the law of cause and effect!  This report is irrefutable proof.

Can you imagine a drug so powerful that 3.6 million people are chronically “addicted” to it? And, worse still is the number of new users across the country, and growing at an alarming rate.

Think about this: Our government spends $60 billion a year to stop this abuse…and another $5.9 billion to treat the diseases and injuries that it causes. (all drugs cause disease and injuries, no matter what it’s called)

This is not a new drug…the truth is that it’s been around forever.  The fact is that the number of people using and becoming “addicted” has been rising since 1993.

What is the drug that I’m talking about?  It’s Cocaine, and it has become one of the country’s worse drug problems.  And, according to the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse: 1.5 million teenagers fry their brains each month trying free-base cocaine, and the availability in U.S. is at an all-time high causing more hospitalization per year than any other illegal substance.

Every untreated cocaine addiction costs society (that’s you and me) $43,200. Plus, which means that cocaine is a $155 billion strain on our national budget.

In a nutshell, we are losing the “War on Drugs.”  Having said that, you’ll be absolutely shocked when you hear that the “War on Drugs” could get worse in the next 3 to 5 years.

Why? Because right now there is a drug company who stands to make billions whose propaganda is telling people that they going to wipe out America’s $400 billion “illegal” drug industry.

How? The FDA just gave this company its seal of approval…and the research is plowing full steam ahead.

This company is developing a new “vaccine” to “cure” cocaine addicts which will automatically inherit them with a 3.6 million people and an additional 900,000 new patients seeking cocaine treatments each year…and that’s only in the U.S.

Assuming this vaccine sells for $30 (which is about the price of a cheap flu “vaccination”) that’s a $108 million cash cow…every year. For the company and its investors.

Where is the logic of trying to stop a drug “addiction” with another drug! Do you really think that the drug companies want to kill their “cash cow” Just follow the money trail and if you’re wise you will discover that there will always be a replacement drug. You can’t drug someone into good health.

And now more on “vaccines.”


  • That vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with the diseases for which they are supposedly administered?
  • That vaccines are diabolically designed and made as highly-toxic brain-deadening “materials” by wicked covert group of super rich through their pharmaceutical companies?
  • That their objective is to start a New World Order that is already well along through some of “our” puppet federal and state governments! Which these super rich totally control? 
  • That the true purpose of vaccinations are to make mediocre, brain-impaired and mind-altered babies? Babies that will grow into adults that will be so mind-impaired as to be obedient, unquestioning and servile peons of this New World Order which is in process right now?
  • That universal “health care” with it’s “Health Security Card” and Vaccination tracking of babies” is an sinister implementation of the monstrous conspiracy to enslave us all? That the “health security card” or the “U.S. CARD” is really a “people control” measure?  That it will be issued at birth just like a Social Security Number¾to insure that every baby is tracked so as to be forced to be “fully” vaccinated?  That state agencies, with the help of these computerized smart cards, will enforce the injection of your baby with all the “required” “up-to-date” vaccines?
  • The “health security card” (“U.S. CARD”) is, really, a New World Order identification card?  A computer chip embedded card designed to track you by satellite, record all your whereabouts anywhere in the world and make a record of everything you do in a massive Gray computer?  That you can’t travel without it?  That you can’t make purchased without it?  That you can’t work without it?  That it will be your debit card in a cashless society?  That it is destined to be replaced with a computer chip embedded in our forehead or wrist?  A computer chip already implanted into welfare babies in some parts of our country and in other countries?  Our highly groomed ex-president, Slick Willie (Clinton) didn’t tell us this, did he? And now we have Obama.


  • Today October 2002 the government is in the process of a mandatory smallpox vaccination for all of us?  

Indisputable proof of these statements are mention in the complete report!

This report is specifically about deadly vaccines and DTP. It reveals how, through what George Orwell called doublespeak in his book, 1984, vaccines are fraudulently represented to prevent diseases when, in fact, they have been on purpose designed to make babies partially to wholly brain dead!  This too, is undeniably proven in this report.

The massive plot against all of us!

A review of a document reporting a meeting of a covert group of the super-rich held back in 1954. Their objectives were to explore methods by which to implement the New World Order, which had been envisioned since 1776. The document is titled “Silent Weapons for Quite wars” wherein the blueprint for establishing a “New World Order” was reviewed.  It tells of “social engineering techniques” (people control methods referred to as “silent weapons”) that were explored and decided upon. It tell of “silent weapons” for reducing our population to brainwashed, obedient, servile, drug-addicted, sex-crazed and mind-diverted peons. The used of mind-deadening and brain-impairing drugs were squarely spelled out as “silent weapons?” “Quite Wars” were referred to as secret campaigns by which populations are conquered and subjugated where everything is so secret and so gradual that they aren’t even aware that they’re targets, much less warred against.

The fact is that the administering of vaccines is merely one of the tools in this satanic plot.  Most of us in the Natural Hygiene and natural health field know that vaccines are deadly and dangerous, and the only thing they prevent is health.

We think they are an inhuman profit game of the medical/drug industry.  Unfortunately the sad truth is that medical profit is the least of the devilish purpose behind vaccines.

Examinations of DTP inserts from Wyeth Laboratories prompted the following:


Would you allow mercury to be injected into your body?  Or surrender your baby to be injected with it?  You know, the stuff that causes terrible salivation?  A deadly substance that causes that causes wholesale brain cell destruction, weak mindedness, Alzheimer’s disease, toxic dementia, insanity and death? Inflamed and bleeding gums?  Immuno suppression, that is, wholesale destruction of the body’s first line of defense, the white blood cells, especially lymphocytes? This Immunosuppression was called, at one time, syphilis and now, AIDS. That is resulted in neurosyphylis or toxic dementia or AIDS dementia where depression, insanity and madness result, and, of course death.

Would you allow your body to be injected with aluminum? Or submit you precious child to be injected with it? Aluminum destroys brain cells and becomes part of the replacement for them through a process called ossification. Aluminum has been indicted as a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

For more outrages details on vaccination, order the complete report entitle “Vaccination Misrepresentations”. It contains a copy of the actual “Silent Weapons for Quite Wars” document.  And, if you want to stop your child’s school or your employer or others from “joining you up under some medical, hospital, surgical or other plan,” you can state your objection to medical services and take total responsibility for your health with an affidavit included in the report HR102.

The annual flu shot is nothing more than a SCAM to get your money. WAKE UP AMERICA!



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Heart disease, cancer, AIDS rampant drug and alcohol abuse,
tabloids trash TV and the children who are being raised by it,
crime, corruption, insecurity and indifference.
We are living in an age of disease and darkness.

And yet, one of great hope…

While I think it will get darker before it gets lighter, I also know that even the darkness is necessary. And I also believe that darkness gives us all an opportunity to spread light.

Out of challenge comes growth, from adversity – triumph.  In other words: With every adversity, there is the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit. This is the Universal Law and Wisdom of Duality. It means that everything is merely a different manifestation of its opposite and each cannot exist without its opposite.  When you discover and adopt this wisdom you align yourself with the true course of nature.

It was the difficult times that I experienced in the past that today allows me to live a healthy and successful life and a lifestyle most people only dream of.

Thirty five years ago, I became ill with all sorts of health problems such as allergies, high blood pressure indigestion stomach problem and overweight not to mention other problems that were being created in the process.  I lost my business, had no job, no car, no bank account and no credit cards. My personal life was a mess and my relationships disintegrated and worst of all, I didn’t like the person I had become.

So I decided and committed myself to change it… Most importantly, I changed my THINKING!

And began a program of daily health and self-development time. I started with 15 minutes a day… This was quite difficult at first. I was late, I had things to do, and I didn’t want to “waste” time. I was making excuses.

I made myself take the time. And found that by taking 15 minutes to focus before I left the house I actually ended up with more time. From there I went to 30 minutes a day. This made for more positive changes in my life.

After that I went to one hour a day, and sometimes two. This led me to the situation I’ve been blessed with today.

I’ve surrounded myself with healthy, positive, successful, proactive, dynamic, charismatic people who enjoy life; I’ve worked out my relationships, and gotten out of negative relationships (and stopped repeating them); I’ve worked toward and became healthy and successful.

I didn’t get this life by chance or by luck (I believe there is no such thing as luck, luck to me means when preparation meets opportunity) – I manifested it, by working on me, and becoming the person I wanted to be. And I’m still in the process of improving which I always wanted to do.  And working daily toward a higher consciousness and I’m not done.

And I never will be, because I’ve discovered that really living life (and choosing health, happiness and success) is not a destination to reach, but a journey to be relished. Because I know that we create our own reality!

Which is why I’m so excited about my latest project… It’s called the “Super Health and Wealth” Development Series.

I’d like to suggest that you subscribe. And join me in this adventure of “Super Health and Wealth”. And you will be learning more than just Alternative Natural Health Strategies.

Born out of my own quest, this series is dedicated to the search of knowledge, challenge and growth. It’s built around the inherent belief that the solutions are not only “out there, in the Universe” but safely locked within each of us. The series is for people experiencing Divine Dissatisfaction with their current situation, (health or otherwise) and secure in the knowledge that the very dissatisfaction they possess – is the springboard to manifesting their Divine Destiny. People who know that to change the world they must change themselves

“Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” subscribers will know that one person on purpose toward a higher consciousness harnesses the awesome power of the entire universe to their mission. They know that inner peace and the proper sense of self can withstand and eventually overcome all the forces of darkness, that disease, hate and fear are no match for health, success, love and light.

They build a higher consciousness not because it’s good for business, gives them a better relationship, or makes them successful, healthy and happy even though it does all those things. They do it simply because it is their being. If that’s you, then this program will help you live the adventure that is your future.

“Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” will focus on different aspects of your health and body-mind each month. We’ll explore topics like natural alternative health and wellness, relationships, spiritual identity, issues of self, meditation, emotions, and prosperity consciousness. We’ll search out any subject that takes us further along the path toward higher health, success and consciousness Some of the things you’ll learn over the next 12 months include:

√ Security of life and its means. Thus discovering how to break through fear and achieve the things you desire.  Insecurity leads to emotional stresses that rob us of well-being:
√ The causes of negative or dysfunctional relationships – and how to prevent them;
√ The simple exercises which can allow your right brain creativity to flourish,
√ The secrets to optimum health that most people in this field don’t want you to know.
√ How to develop self-mastery.
√And Much Much More…

When you know what makes you and the world tick, this knowledge will liberate your mind, and you will discover how the super-achievers produce peak results (and you can too); and,
How to develop a sense of self-reliance and self-worth.  Thrusting your ability to do things is essential to well-being.  Thus develop your true leadership abilities. And much more! (See later in this letter).

Of course, there’s much more, but this gives you an idea of the extensive results you’ll be achieving. Every month we’ll explore another aspect of how you shatter self-imposed limited beliefs and restrictions and experience breakthrough results in your life, health and career we’ll spend some time every month with each other.

We’ll learn together, you and I for I am not just the creator, producer or author of this entire series, I am simply a facilitator. I have spent my life seeking out people who are searching for answers, and running away from those who claim to have found them. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and many times won’t even have the questions. But we can discover them together and create a mastermind of true health and dynamic development.

We’re looking forward to a journey of challenges growth and adventure. We’ll do things bold, daring and imaginative and go to levels most can only speculate about. Let the journey begin’

Do I sound excited?  Well that’s because I am!  You know, there is nothing in the world more powerful or exhilarating than health-building, lifesaving information that works! So, take a few minutes of your time to read every single word of this revealing letter, because it contains privileged information that will produce the greatest health you have experienced for some time!

If Wanting to Restore Your Health is of interest to you or someone you know then you will want what I have to offer you in this program…

I have ranked this powerful “Knowledge Based” Health Information package as being among the top 1 percent of the hottest Natural Health Related Discoveries of all time!  In fact, with just a little effort on your part I predict that these fabulous health secrets will eliminate your ailment or health problems and leave you looking and feeling 10-20 years younger – Guaranteed!

The powerful health and well-being information disclosed in this program is not only new and amazing, but refreshingly different from anything you have ever seen before!  From cover to cover these privileged secrets are packaged for Effective Natural Health Renewal and Total Relief.  All you have to do is combine these secrets with your health goals and watch your life start to change dramatically!

My powerful new natural health secrets have created explosive ways you can start feeling better and living healthier from day number one.  If you want to look and feel 10-20 years younger starting now, you will be thrilled with the results of having dynamite information right from the beginning.  If you are already trying to improve your health but having a difficult time achieving even the simplest goals, you will see a dramatic change once you receiving my program.

But let’s get specific!  It’s a guide to restoring your health and increasing your longevity!  It is, in fact, an opportunity to turn your life around using information that is vital to natural health success!  I have the natural health secret program you need and I intend to share it with you no matter what other traditional “health” (decease treating Business) providers think!  So if you’re ready for action, this program will show you how to start looking younger and feeling healthy starting NOW!
For membership Click here. To put your name on our list and start receiving FREE health reports Click here

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modern medicinemodern medicine2IS MODERN MEDICINE REALLY KEEPING US HEALTHY?

We are at a time when you must not blindly trust your health to the Government, doctors or organized medicine! The information and coaching provided in this program is so important to you and your health and well being, that I urge you to read every page!

modern medicine3Our Research reveals that organized medicine is doubly hazardous to your health: First because all of the shocking incidents of unnecessary procedures performed today and the intolerable dangers of these treatments… And the second thing is because some people in the medical institutions actually put down and discredit alternative health care information and health education which will help you heal in a quicker, safer and less invasive manner.

Don’t you think that you deserve to know about these safer procedures that are PROVING themselves every day? This information is so important to your health and safety that you 
must continue to read this FREE report all the way to the last page.

We have heard over and over again how the great scientific advances of modern medicine are keeping us much healthier than ever before. In fact, the medical profession and the news media have thoroughly brainwashed the American people into believing that we should frequently consult a physician to make sure to enjoy the best medical care that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

This public awareness of the need to take care of ourselves has created many opportunities in the health field and yet, there are very few people in it!

Of course, more than five million people throughout the whole country are presently working as physicians, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, laboratory assistants, hospital personal, pharmacists, drug industry employees, workers in allied trades, and the like. 

However, contrary to popular beliefs, there are indeed very few people really helping the public to achieve and stay in good health. Most of these supposedly “health workers” aren’t really in the health field, but, instead, they actually are in the disease-treating business!

Think about it, NO disease NO business!

Health is never attained by studying disease and thinking about disease. Medicine as a science of disease has increase disease. Things are not brought into being by thinking of their opposites.

Think for yourself, Are you afraid to think? Who today has the courage to think? Frankly, not many. Too many people prefer to have their ideas served to them from non-challenging, shallow sources more interested in misinformation and half truths. Sources afraid of intellectual discussions.

If you look back at history you will find that popular opinions are not always right. You see, there is a fundamental flaw in current medical theories and ideas. This flaw makes you virtually powerless over your own body such that you become a slave to doctors, drugs, treatments and procedures, and in most cases even lotions, potions powders or vitamin pills and supplements.

Since the people involved in these industries make millions of dollars a year, they have no incentive to tell you the truth.  They don’t even KNOW the truth!

They’ve just been taught and brainwashed since the beginning to believe the myth that has been passed down through generations – similar to the myths that the earth was flat, man could not fly and the earth was the center of the universe.

This health concept that we use has been suppressed and kept secret and simply forgotten for almost two century. Once you know the truth about disease (and I mean ANY disease), getting and staying healthy will be simpler than you ever imagined. Not just for you, but for your entire family also. 

Imagine KNOWING you and your family will most likely never come down with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or any other degenerative disease.

Imagine KNOWING you and your family can never catch AIDS, hepatitis, the flu or even the common cold.

Imagine KNOWING you and your family can do all this without having to go to a doctor, get treatments of any kind or take any kind of drug or vitamin pills.

Sound amazing? It is. And it’s all explained in simple English in the new The Super Health and Wealth program. 

The “Super Health” program is based on facts and common sense, not some fiction the medical establishment wants you to believe so they can make more money off you.

These facts can be shown to you as clearly as seeing that the earth is round, that the earth revolves around the sun, and that airplanes can fly. All you need to do is to look at things the truly correct way without assuming that what others tell you are correct.

Then, and only then, will you realize the truth that will allow you to never fear ill-health again!

And that’s not all…

Yon will not only learn the truth about disease, but how to avoid and often reverse Virtually any disease you may currently have or fear in the future.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps that are outlined in the program each month.

Sound incredible? It is. And although these steps are simple, they are extremely powerful and work like no other health procedure you’ve ever experienced.

Why? Because they are based on the irrefutable laws of attraction, quantum physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and nature itself. If these laws are followed, good health will naturally result. It has to! You won’t be able to get sick!


Within the pages of your monthly Super Health program you will learn how you may avoid or reverse all disease

In fact, virtually any disease known to man may be helped by using the methods outlined in the “Super Health” program.

Just as importantly, you’ll learn how and why a disease starts and develops. Where the medical profession is prescribing expensive clinical tests just so they can tell you that they really don’t know why you’re sick, this program tells you why and explains it to you in simple, understandable terms. You will not only learn why adults get sick, but children and babies as well.

You see, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry wants you to be confused, uninformed and powerless. They want to make it complicated so you have to depend on them. That’s how they make their money. But the reasons someone gets sick are not bad luck or genetics.

There are real, tangible reasons that are easy to explain and easy to understand. Now you’ll learn the real reason people get sick and how you can ensure it never happens to you and your family. And if you already have an ailment, you’ll finally learn how to overcome it and get truly healthy. “Super Healthy”.

This ground-breaking “SUPER HEALTH” program also shows you exactly why people gain weight. It’s not rocket science.  In a few words, someone becomes over-weight because they are under-nourished! Not underfed. Under-­nourished!

If the body doesn’t get a certain kind of concentrated nutrition from your food (fully explained in the “Super Health” program. Members Only) it constantly thinks it’s hungry. So the person keeps eating and eating trying in vain to obtain these nutrients. Consequently, they get fatter and fatter.

But, if you eat the right kind of foods (not a lotion a potion a powder or pill and not a drug or medication), your body will feel satisfied and start operating normally. It will then be able to sense that it no longer needs food, and the craving to eat disappears

You won’t even realize its happening! You just won’t be drawn to the junky foods that put the pounds on you. Those cravings will disappear, and so will the excess weight! It’s truly remarkable how easy it is. It’s simple and easy, once you know the secret! 

When you become a member you will finally understand what the body REALLY needs to not only lose weight, but to get and stay healthy for the rest of your life. Just think of how good that will make you feel!

Order fast, before it’s too late, this program may not be available for very long. It may one day be banned, or they will at least try to ban it. Even though the First Amendment grants us free speech and a free press, there are forces that will try to suppress this enlightening information and we will no longer be able to accept anymore members.

So it’s very important for us to get this Super Health program out to as many open-minded individuals like you as quickly as possible. Just order within the next 7 days, and I’ll send you a totally FREE Gift worth $297.00 This FREE gift will knock your socks off! (See the end of this publication.

Learn how to beat virtually any disease without drugs or without lotions, potions, powders or pills. Learn the Amazing Health and Healing Concept that has been suppressed for almost two centuries. Learn the truth about how the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and corporations do things every day that undermine our health, and how to avoid them. Learn how to take control of your own health and not be a slave to medical procedures and practices that only ‘make you sicker. I guarantee, it will be one of the best investments of your life.  Become a member of the Super Health program NOW!


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Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?

effects of drugs4
Are You Hooked On Vitamin Supplements?

“I feel so much better when. I’m taking my vitamins,” I hear this constantly. “And when I go off them I feel Miserable.’

Most People are surprised to find that when I talk about health and nutrition. I’m not referring to lotions, potions, pills and capsules or powdered proteins. I get a look that suggests that I’m just ‘not with the new wave, not into the “wholistic” revolution.

I really believe that the present day’ use of vitamins supplements (especially the mega- vitamin craze) is a lot of nonsense.

Never have so many dirt cheap substances sold for such high prices. You’re either hooked on, drugs or you’re hooked on vitamins supplements, but hooked you must be.

Primary vitamin deficiency is practically unknown in this country. Very often what seems to be a ‘deficiency symptom is actually a sign of a tired, overworked metabolism; or it may be the body’s heroic efforts at eliminating metabolic wastes. I have seen fasts .from 20 to 40 days duration, taking only water, who displayed no signs of vitamin deficiency. In fact, if symptoms were present before the fast, they disappeared during or after it.

“But why do I bad after I stop taking my vitamins?”  One answer is, that most likely, you did ‘ not need them in the first place. Since vitamins supplements are • simply catalysts” (substances that must-be present in tiny amounts’ so that you may utilize food substances more efficiently) taking more than necessary will cause a drug like “stimulating” effect. Stimulation from, extraneous sources is synonymous with poisoning. ‘Caffeine stimulates by irritating the adrenal system. Stimulation Is artificial excitation of the ‘nervous system with its unavoidable opposite exhaustion. It is a losing game, leading to more and more debility (weakness).

Lately, another phenomenon connected, with the overdoing of vitamins supplements has surfaced. It’s called “rebound” Since the body can ‘utilize only so much of a vitamin at a time, the rest must “be eliminated. Taking too much vitamin C, for instance can cause “rebound scurvy,” (Scurvy is a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C,) the very condition for which it is prescribed.

The body’s eliminating apparatus goes into high gear to get rid of the excess, and continues doing so weeks after you stop taking the vitamin C. Now you do have a deficiency problem, all because you tried to fool Mother Nature! The same thing probably occurs with most of the other vitamins.

There is a lot that we still do not know about the role of vitamins and other nutrients. Some people say that you need supplements because our soil is depleted. Well, our soil maybe depleted and our vegetable and fruits not are not what they could be, but speaking from my own observation and experience, at least, the problem lies more with the under usage of these fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are not already on The Healthology program, click the link to give it a try!

Lots of people have made this diet change that we teach here at the Healthology Institute, and have experienced normalization of weight, as well as the elimination of almost all their health and physical problems.

We trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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Vitamin/Mineral Supplements, Friends or Foe?

Supplementssupp-moneyVitamin/Mineral Supplements, Friends or Foe?

Are you taking different NEW vitamin supplements all the time? Are you listening to the entire vitamin supplements infomercial on radio and TV?  And … When it comes to health, diseases and nutrition…Are wasting your money and you’re still more confused today than you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year? Of course you are, everybody is!

There is not a drug, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any product, vegetable juice, herb, mineral/vitamin supplements, homeopathic medicine, or any other substance found in a store, on the Internet, or on this earth that can ever heal anyone of anything!

All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level. To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”. 


No lotions, potions, powders or pills…No gadgets or gimmicks! … Just plain truthful natural health information. We do NOT diagnose… We do NOT treat… We do NOT try to cure… But, everyone gets better!

When faced with health problems or uncertainty, most people do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, they get what everyone else is getting.  “Frustration” Disappointment and Dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to move with the crowd.

Now we know that getting statistical information about health is easy. Interpreting the data, finding the “truth,” and knowing how to let it impact your life… that’s a little trickier.  And that’s where “Truth in Health” comes in.

You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very radical” even if you are health-oriented. “Healthology” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. Healthology is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, their causes, symptoms and effects, and the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition. Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health.  Healthology really means, “The Science that programmed into the very nature of all living organisms is the tendency of normal, healthy actions”.

Why should you find our approach so sharply different than all the others?

Because, the world at large has a medical (pathology) mentality, even those who fancy themselves health aware. The great bulk of the people, including some 25,000,000 plus who patronize health food stores and think themselves as being savvy to health matters and the health scene, are victims of medical misconceptions.

For example, conventional health seekers think in terms of “cures” coming from outside the body, such as from medicine, (drugs) vitamins, mineral, herbs, protein and other deficiencies. Medical people are even seeking cures. Health seekers are also seeking cures. Where medical practitioners look to drugs for cures, health seekers are looking for some magic food or herb to do the trick. Almost all are of the frame of mind that disease is inevitable unless it’s prevented.

Our “Healthology” program presents an entirely different approach. We hold that exuberant and radiant health is normal and natural. And that disease, suffering and sickness are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.

  • We content that health can be realized only by healthful living practices and that the standards for healthful living practices have been established in nature from the very beginning.
  • We totally reject the idea of curing. We believe that the whole concept of drugs and medicine is a pure myth.
  • We maintain and prove that all living organisms are self-sufficient in all aspects of their existence if their needs are supplied in accord with their biological adaptation.
  • We also emphasize that “dis-ease” does not have to happen unless it is caused. Cease to indulge in the cause of disease and disease will not occur.
  • Healthful Living Practices produces health results and pathogenic living practices inevitably produce diseased results.

This simple Philosophy which we call “Healthology” has proven itself under the most rigorous testing – results! Once you’ve witnessed marvelous recoveries from diseases under the Healthology direction, even from “incurable” diseases of long standing, you’ll be infected with the confidence and enthusiasm that will launch a successful cause of actions and pursuit.

Now we ask you…


Now you can take advantage of this very Special introductory offer.  One month of the “TRUTH IN HEALTH” from the Healthology Institute. This astonishing NEW monthly Alternative Health education (1) issues for $1.00 …….regular Subscription Price $37.00 dollars monthly…NOW YOU SAVE $36.00 Dollars for this “Premier Issue”  Promotion only!

“TRUTH IN HEALTH” course promises to help you help yourself to live a longer healthier more rewarding life…Free of all illness…without the use of dangerous drugs and without the high cost and ineffectiveness of organized conventional medical treatments.

That sounds like exaggerated promises don’t you agree?  But it isn’t, not at all.  Once you learn to understand the power of natural healing your life will improve beyond belief.

Knowing that you need never face cancer, heart problems, tumors, high blood pressure, diabetes, flu, painful arthritis “or even so much as the discomforts of another cold or headache”…and without the attending pain, misery, dangerous, disappointments, and the astronomical cost of conventional treatment. Because this will also save you the high cost of health insurance, because you would have “Health Assurance”.

Even the illness that you may be suffering at this moment can be alleviated by you…without drugs or medical procedures.  You raise your eyebrows…you are skeptical.  Good!  Skepticism is the first positive step toward an intelligent evaluation.

We know that every medical drug creates undesirable side effects…and side effects can represent the beginning of a new hazardous health problem.  We further know that the information you read in the “TRUTH IN HEALTH” newsletter can produce robust health, a sparkling mental attitude and a longer life…a life free of drugs, injected or ingested.

And now we repeat the previous question: Would you spend $1.00 dollars…today if by doing so you could possibly say goodbye to all illness forever?

If your answer is YES then we recommend that you click here and test drive for 30 days this unique natural health course “TRUTH IN HEALTH” …The course that is more than just for reading it is for leading you toward a new health horizon…One that holds out certainty for a longer healthier happier and prosperous life in the years ahead.

“TRUTH IN HEALTH” is like a treasure chest, once unlocked it will reveal health secrets that, if hold on to will change the very thrust of your life.

“TRUTH IN HEALTH” does not and will not ever deal with wild unsubstantiated claims and lies; but only with proven, documented facts the results of positive research by a new breed of Natural Health Doctors and Health & Nutritional Scientists.

Each and every issue of “TRUTH IN HEALTH/HEALTHOLOGY” will be jam packed with full pages of the latest most dramatic advances in the field of “Healthology”.  And because we’re not associated with any medical schools, hospitals, doctors, or drug companies, you can trust “Truth in Health” to speak honestly about your best interest, not “theirs.”

And now we make this subscription irresistible by making it risk FREE.  And if you subscribe now TODAY from this offer you will receive the first issue almost FREE ($1.00) and we will even return a complete refund of your $1.00 if you are not absolutely satisfied and thrilled by what you read and the results by applying the system.  And, that’s not all, we will also include a list of largely ignored Life Essentials Health Factors, which can immediately improve the way you feel, look and think.


Because, the “Truth in Health” course details extensive, with diversified and revealing natural health information which is second to none in the industry, that we have carefully researched following the basic fundamental principles of HEALTHOLOGYâÔ, and that you will receive with your subscription.

Here is an additional brief overview of the information it contains:

* The nature and purpose of disease.

* The immense wisdom and providence of the body.

* The nutritional bases of life.

* Human physiology and anatomy and our dietary nature.

* Harmful practices to avoid.

* Common illnesses and disease and how a specific way of living can help.

* The laws of life, unknown (or seems unknown) to conventional medicine.

* How you can be healthier 10 years from now than you are today.

* How you can lose those unwanted pounds forever.

* The PROTEIN MYTH and how it affects on your health.

* How you can triple your energy quickly and effectively.

* How you can eliminate stress forever.

* The body mind connection.

* Mental medicine and the health care system.

* Practical applications you can use immediately

* And much more.

It is thus no wonder that our course actually sells just by itself: First of all, the information provided in each lesson/issue, once applied, will help you help yourself to be healthier, feel better, look younger and live longer.  More over when read regularly as a common-sense preventive measure, the “Truth in Health” newsletter also saves people an awful lot of money in unnecessary and dangerous organized conventional medical treatments and drug-dependent “cures.”

Soon, This May Be the Only Health Plan you, your family and/or Your Company Can Afford.  We are so confident of the information in our newsletter that we provide a triple guarantee of full-money-back without asking any questions at all.


If your health and the Health of your loved ones is of vital importance to you then so is a subscription to “TRUTH IN HEALTH” the Newsletter that guarantees a healthier more productive and more fulfilled life.

I do hope you’ll join us and get a subscription. Remember no more purchasing of monthly lotions, potions, powders or pills. And, because in our course there are, no gadgets or gimmicks to buy you’ll save lots of money.

Why not try it for thirty days? And, if it’s not to your liking, simply write to let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt and complete refund. No hard feelings. Really. You can even keep your first issue and the list of the largely ignored Life Essentials Health Factors, which can immediately improve the way you feel, look and think as a bonus for your trouble. That’s how certain we are that you will look forward to each issue with excited confident expectation.

We’re looking forward to a journey of challenges growth and adventure. We’ll do things bold, daring and imaginative and go to levels most can only speculate about. Let the journey begin’ click here

Subscribe now to ensure that you receive Issue One.

Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

The above is one of the headlines in the news today Tuesday, December 17, 2013. For years I’ve been telling people about the half-truth and downright lie that are
reported daily by all media.

The mainstreams media is cheerfully reporting findings and mistakenly limited believe show that all multivitamins supplements to be worthless. “Case Closed: Multivitamins Should Not Be Used,” declares Forbes. “New studies want you to rid somebody’s mind of a particular thought or idea, especially an erroneous one to disperse or drive away something.

The problem with the above headlines is based on an editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a pro-pharmaceutical publication and like all medical schools is funded by pharmaceuticals industries, which compete with the multivitamins industry.

If you visit the study publication page on, it will immediately greet you with a pop-up advertisement trying to sell you pharmaceutical drug for a symptom that you’re experiencing. Or, they are promoting a new drug.

This is always the case with pharmaceutical-funded publication, what they are really saying is, “discard those worthless materials and while we trash the reputation of vitamins supplements, why don’t you buy some of the drugs from our sponsors?” This is a down right lie, You can not drug anyone into good health.

While the pharmaceutical industry tells down right lies, the vitamin supplement industry tells half-truth.

Aren’t you Frustrated Hearing Lies and Fairy tales invented by the big 
Pharmaceutical Industry … Every Single Day on your TV, Newspaper 
and Magazine, at the same time THEY Bring in Record Breaking Profits?

Here is the real truth again:

There is not a drug, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any product, vegetable juice, herb, mineral/vitamin supplements, homeopathic medicine, or any other substance
found in a store, on the Internet, or on this earth that can ever heal anyone of anything!

All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level.

To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”. Get the information that they don’t want you to have! Discover the SECRET to good health! OUR PROGRAM IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU EVER SEEN BEFORE.  See for yourself go to:! WAKE UP AMERICA!

However, Right up front I want to say… this information might not be for you. If you’re completely happy and satisfied with how the Big Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are running our healthcare system at a huge profit to themselves and an even larger deficit to the very people it’s supposed to be helping… one lie after another.

Don’t read another word of this letter. Put it down and walk away, convinced in your choice to keep the blindfold over your eyes and your head stuck in the sand.

However, if you’re one of the brave, the frustrated, ready to rip off that blindfold and pull up the curtain on just how “sick” our “healthcare” system has become… click on the web site below.

Once you know the secrets and begin to learn the statistics and educate yourself it becomes immediately clear just how broken our current system of “healthcare” actually is. Unfortunately, if you remain uneducated, unaware and oblivious to the Government and the Pharmaceutical industry, then you, your family and your friends are standing in line to become the next victims in their way of lies and deception. Enough Is Enough! Go Here NOW:

(c) Copyright 2002- 2013  All right reserved.


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The Truth Why All Dairies are Dangerous

CowDairy productsThe Truth Why All Dairies are Dangerous

Are you ready for some ‘renewing of your mind’? Let’s start with the dairy products by blowing out of the water something most people have been taught to believe all their lives… that ‘Milk Does the Body Good. And, Cow’s milk and dairy products build strong bones.  ’ I am going to share abundant information with you that reveal just the opposite to be true. Lets us start with milk.

But first some Facts: About 29 years ago, a comprehensive scientific study convincingly showed that cow’s milk weakens bones. Milk and all dairy foods are a poor source of protein.

Who conducted this study? None other than “The National Dairy Council”. This study was performed on post-menopausal women. It was discovered that when skim milk was added to their diets, they lost more calcium than they could absorb. Even when they consumed 1500 mg of calcium every day!

Is there any wonder why the “National Dairy Council” never chose another such study!

You can look it up at your public library. It was printed in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” (41:254.1985 – read the charts carefully)

The Dairy Industry knows the truth, and spends millions of dollars to prevent you from finding it out!

And even today one dairy farm in California produces 18 billion pounds of milk products annually.

But there is more…

For the scientific explanation as to how milk and dairy products weaken your bones, read below.

Fact: Milk Does A Body Bad!

As we begin this renewal process, I am going to start with a food we have been programmed to accept not only as “good,” but absolutely necessary for good health ever since our earliest childhood: “Cow Milk.”  A product the dairy industry proclaims, “Milk Does a Body GOOD!”

I will acknowledge that the breast milk of a human mother is the ideal source of nutrition for a human baby! Absolutely! That is Nature’s plan for almost the total nutritional intake of a human baby for at least the first year of life. On human breast milk, a baby will grow strong and healthy and develop a strong immune system (especially if mother is eating a healthy diet).

I believe that you will probably agree with me that human breast milk is the perfect food for a human baby! I also believe that you would also agree that human breast milk is NOT the perfect food for a baby cow.

May I ask why you would accept human breast milk as being the perfect food for a human baby, and not accept human breast milk as being the perfect food for a baby cow?

Think for a moment before you answer that question.

Now, if we do not believe human breast milk is the perfect food for a baby cow, why do we believe that cow milk is the perfect food for a human baby?


We are trying to do some renewing of our minds here, and if we are going to be successful, we must allow ourselves to think outside the box, and to reevaluate what we believe, and why we believe it.

The Difference Between Human Babies and Calves

I believe that everyone reading this will acknowledge there is a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) difference between human babies and baby cows at birth and at maturity. Let’s begin with birth weight:

  • Human babies usually weigh in the 7 to 8 pound range at birth
  • A baby Holstein cow’s birth weight is in the 100-pound range.
  • The average human adult, worldwide, is in the 150-pound range.
  • A Holstein cow’s mature weight is in the 1,500-pound range.

Next, the protein content of human breast milk is less than 5%, and is designed by nature to double the baby’s birth weight in approximately 180 days.

The protein content of cow’s milk is approximately 15% (300% of human breast milk protein content) and formulated by Nature to double birth weight in 45 days.

The protein content of rat’s milk is approximately 20% (400% of human breast milk protein content)and designed to double birth weight in 5 days.

Please note the correlation between percentage of protein and time necessary to double birth weights.

Now with our thinking cap on, does it not make sense to acknowledge that God knew what He was doing when he created each animal species, and that He knew what he was doing when He specifically formulated the milk of each species exclusively for that particular species?

In nature, other than an extraordinarily rare circumstance of one species nursing the orphaned offspring of another, you will not find an animal of one species ever consuming the milk of another species on a regular basis.

Are animals in the wild possibly wiser than we so-called intelligent humans?

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, a prestigious nutritional biochemist, and author of the China Study writes: “Isn’t it strange that we’re the only species that suckles from another species.”

And though Dr. Campbell grew up on a dairy farm and prided himself that he could drink a gallon or more of milk a day, after years of research he’s convinced that cow’s milk is responsible for a huge share of our nation’s physical problems.

The bottom line for Dr. Campbell is simple: “It’s unnatural to drink milk.”

Think about that statement for a moment. How many animals in the wild “DRINK” milk after weaning? The answer – NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Might the animals in the wild be wiser by instinct than we humans are by following the teachings of the nutritional “experts” and the advertising of the milk producing industry of this world?

There are some 5,000 species of mammals on earth, and nature formulated the milk of each species for that specific species.

As we continue, we are going to learn that when we attempt to nourish a human baby, child, teenager, or adult with cow’s milk — milk coming from another species of animal — it becomes one of the most foolish and dangerous things we can do.

And it doesn’t matter whether the milk is organic or not! Both are equally dangerous and destructive to the human body!

FACT: Cow’s Milk Protein: 87% Casein

Casein is a powerful binder, a polymer used to make plastics, and the glue used in making sturdy furniture. It can also be found in many foods as a binder. But it is also a powerful allergen, causing a histamine release that creates excess mucus, and is responsible for many of our children’s physical ills.

Of even greater concern is that casein, according to Dr. Campbell in his book “China Study,” was found to grow cancer faster than any other thing fed to cancer-induced rats.

In his research, Dr. Campbell found that casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein, consistently and strongly promoted all stages of cancer development.

Alternatively, proteins obtained from plants did not promote cancer at all, even at higher levels of intake.

Also, of serious concern regarding cancer is that one of those 59 hormones found in cow milk is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate, and colon cancers, and is suspect in the growth of ALL cancers.

Myth: Is Cow’s Milk the Best Source of Calcium for Bone Health?

Where do cows get the calcium that builds their big bones? They get it from the green grass they eat!

The calcium in plants has a large amount of magnesium, a mineral necessary for the body to absorb and use the calcium. The calcium in cow’s milk is basically useless in building bones, because it has insufficient magnesium content.

Those nations with the highest intake of milk/dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Cow’s milk has 300% of the calcium of human breast milk, but it is not very usable because in order to be absorbed and used there must be an adequate quantity of magnesium.

When a cow eats grass, that cow gets all the calcium it needs for their big bones only because grass contains a substantial amount of magnesium. When humans consume large quantities of greens, they not only get the calcium the body needs, but the magnesium needed by the body to utilize that calcium.

Interestingly, though cow’s milk contains 300% of the calcium of human breast milk, it only has enough magnesium to absorb around 11% of that calcium.

Another serious concern here is the acidity of cow’s milk. The more milk and cheese, along with animal flesh a person consumes, the more acidic the body becomes. In an effort to neutralize this acidity, the body removes calcium (an alkaline mineral) from the bones to neutralize that acidity, thus creating soft bones and ultimately osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Differences between calcium intake and bone health can be seen worldwide. The more dairy that people consume, the more susceptible they become to hip fractures. The 12-year Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, involving 78,000 nurses, found that those who got the most calcium from dairy products had approximately double the hip fracture rate, compared to women who got little or no calcium from dairy products. In other words, the more dairy in your diet, the higher your risk of breaking bones.

Basic Composition of Cow’s Milk

All milk originating from a cow, whether it is commercial or organic, contains 59 active hormones, scores of allergensfat, and cholesterol. Most cows’ milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticidesdioxins, up to 52 powerful antibioticsbloodpusfecesbacteria and viruses.

Remember… cow’s milk (and beef, for that matter) may contain traces of anything the cow ate – including such things as radioactive fallout.

There’s a lot more fat in milk and dairy products than you might think:

  • Whole milk derives 49% of its calories from fat
  • 2% milk derives 35% of its calories from fat
  • Cheddar cheese derives 74% of its calories from fat
  • Butter derives 100% of its calories from fat

Most folks have no idea just how much fat is in milk and dairy. Americans who are overweight or obese need to understand that milk, ice cream, cheeses, yogurts, and all other products derived from cow milk are most likely a significant cause for their weight problem.


Large fat molecules from un-homogenized cow’s milk cannot get through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream; this is a good thing, the way nature intended. But when milk is homogenized, cream no longer rises because homogenization breaks up those large molecules into small ones that DO get into the bloodstream!

This becomes a dangerous, unnatural expressway for any fat-borne toxins (lead, dioxins, etc.) to get into the blood.

Diseases Linked to Cow Milk

Following is a partial list of physical problems that are linked to or directly caused by cow’s milk:

  • Abdominal distention
  • Abnormal blood clotting
  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Autism
  • Bed wetting
  • Bloody stools
  • Chronic constipation
  • Colic
  • Colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Diarrhea
  • Eczema
  • Fatigue
  • Gastro esophageal reflux (GERD)
  • Headaches
  • Hives
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inner ear trouble
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Irritability
  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lethargy
  • Low serum proteins
  • Lupus
  • Malabsorption
  • Mental depression
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscle pain
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Rashes
  • Restlessness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Runny nose
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sinusitis
  • Stomach cramps
  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Tonsil enlargement
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Vomiting
  • Wheezing

Is it any wonder why one of the top “killer” foods we avoid in The Healthology Diet is dairy? The truth is, you don’t need dairy. Your body will do just fine (and most assuredly, even better) without it!

If you are not already on The Healthology program, click the link to give it a try!

Lots of people have made this diet change that we teach here at the Healthology Institute, and have experienced normalization of weight, as well as the elimination of almost all their health and physical problems.

We trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.


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The Power of Beliefs!

Natl Health FormlThe Power of Beliefs!
“BELIEFS” Devices by which we are all
Self-Enslaved or Self-Empowered!

“And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”
Chapter 8, 32nd verse, Book of St. John.

“Truth serves us. Beliefs require our service.”

 Was a plainer statement ever made that says we are enslaved by our beliefs? So it matters not what you believe. A belief is a feeling of certainty about the meaning of something. Beliefs are generalizations, deletion and distortion about causes, meaning and boundaries in the world around us, our capabilities and our identity. The most pervasive beliefs are those regarding our identity. Beliefs are inherently wrong and false and imprison us to the extent we give them power and become faithful and influenced by them.

Beliefs are never true. That which is true and relevant to our lives is known and does not have to be believed.

Among the synonyms for beliefs are faith, trust, credibility, authority, gullibility, naivety, notion, concept, presumption, suspicion, assumption, dogma, cult, conjecture, generalization, deletion, distort, guess and yet others. To believe is to accept as true without knowledge or proof.

There’s never any benefit in being wrong or in subscribing to illusions, delusions, fabrications and lies which are the raw materials for beliefs.

The character of truth is one of total virtue and of total utility in our behalf. Truth always serves us! Belief is a different creature altogether. Instead of serving us, it demands that we serve it. This camouflages its fundamental character as exploitation and an enslaving device. Some examples of limiting beliefs about identity Are: “I am helpless,” “I am worthless,” “I am a victim,” “I don’t deserve to succeed,” “If I get what I want I will lose something.” The most difficult aspect of identifying a belief is that the ones that impact us the most are usually outside of our awareness.


Most believers proclaim that beliefs which differ from their own are wrong. Their beliefs, however, are above criticism or question. They’re 100% right 100% of the time.

People will hate you; even do violence to you over their beliefs. So much so, that they should strongly devote themselves to truth and life’s laws. Truth does not have to be defended, violently or otherwise. The most radical thing in the world is the simple truth. It stands regardless of our denials or acceptance. A belief dies for lack of believers, but the truth stands whether recognized, accepted or rejected, whether obeyed or disobeyed.

Our society protects our beliefs and outlooks! That is to its credit, for the truth can get by under that shield too! Extremists cannot dictate our lives based on their beliefs even though they do ensnare many people and effectively dictate their lives through pretense, lies, dishonesty, trickery, brainwashing and manipulative measures.

The nature of every believe system is to demand its acceptance and obedience. Not only does it tends to suppress and destroy differing believe systems’, forcing, if it can, all to adopt its concepts, but it also seeks to suppress the truth as well. Practically all are in love with their beliefs to the exclusion of the salient and self-evident truth in their lives. “Limited beliefs lead to limited results.”


By their very nature, all belief systems are false and inhuman. Very simply, the truth does not have to be believed. Truth is always evident and easy to know, especially that relevant to ourselves and environment.

All belief systems are formulated in the minds of men and women, based on their past experiences, success or failures, results and environment. Belief systems usually shield themselves in sanctimonious garb. They are always presented as being so perfectly true as to be above questions, investigation or reproach. Of course this includes the many belief system ushered upon us as science.

While virtually everyone disbelieves every system but his or her own, in some areas, notably the medical science, almost all accept it as above question or criticism. Some in that area go as far as to say–either follow our belief system or you will die. (Maybe not those exact words, but something to that effect). Some say you have to, especially if you’re in some faiths or religions.

However, we do not have to believe the truth. Truth is verifiable. It can be known. Beliefs are not verifiable and are absurdly easy to disprove. The truth always stays around regardless. And to the insightful or perceptive, that is, those not blinded by some belief system, truth is as self-evident and plain as the nose on a face.

All the beliefs in the world do not change a single truth! For instance, it was only a few hundred years ago that everyone believed the earth to be flat. For uttering the contrary view, that the earth was round, at that time The Catholic Church burned scientist at the stake.

But all the beliefs notwithstanding, the earth was not thereby flattened a bit.

Why should people believe anything at all? Especially in view that all beliefs are inhuman, therefore immoral!

Why should beliefs be immoral? Because, no matter how you figure it or who figures it, it must be adjudged that morality is that body of practices which promotes human well-being, however or whatever we think that to be. (“Empowering beliefs produce empowering results.”) And on the other side of the coin, immorality is that which is contrary to human well-being.

Our bounded duty as humans is to accept and obey the truth in every aspect of our lives. To adopt and follow truth is moral. To follow anything contrary to truth is immoral. All that is good proceeds from that which is true. Good can never proceed from errors or the untrue.


To insist that your beliefs are true is sheer arrogance and nonsense. Beliefs are no truer than that truth is mere belief. This amounts to a contradiction in terms. Saying that all lies are true amounts to the same thing as saying all beliefs are true.

Believers want us all to follow the ground rules they lay down. They become snooty, angry, self-righteous and even arrogant when their beliefs receive less than unquestioning fealty.

Neither must we confuse beliefs with theories. Theories are inherently merely tentative. Beliefs have a habit of being absolutely final.

Truth and beliefs are mutually exclusive terms. Beliefs are inherently false, having been fabricated in the minds of the mistaken, the zealots, or those seeking to exercise power by fostering beliefs, the adoption of which subjects the believers to exploitation by the beneficiaries of the belief system promoted.

Beliefs are an easy way to tranquilize our minds in matters where it is our compelled duty to learn the truth and follow it. Beliefs are usually wish-fulfillment devices.

Beliefs are, therefore, really illusions and delusions. It is said that the hardest person in the world to face is you. Likewise, most in our world are the victims of deep-seated beliefs and refuse to face the fact that they are enslaved and exploited by and through them.

This reminds me of a Russian pride. A teller in a bank gave 100 rubles too much in dispensing money to a client. When the excess note was offered back, he refused it saying he didn’t make mistakes.

Thus, when you refuse to examine your beliefs, you’re saying that you don’t make mistakes even though you probably adopted those beliefs in your developmental years when you did not exercise all you critical faculties.

Mental laziness is demonstrated in refusing to face up to the fact that limited beliefs that make us easily exploitable are indoctrinated in us by our results of the past, environment, TV, parents, teachers pears and people we don’t even know when we are growing up and accept what is taught uncritically.

Those who have intentionally perpetrated beliefs upon us have, as a rule, power and exploitation as objectives. Mental laziness is in refusing to take steps to discover the truth that would cast off the shackles of beliefs. Thus, by default we continue our mindless, harmful and damaging ways, not only to ourselves but to those with whom we’re associated, to those who rely upon us, and to all whose fates are socially and economically bound with ours. In like manner, when we improve ourselves, everyone’s lot improves.

So ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I as free as I imagine?
Have I been enslaved and exploited by my limited beliefs, many of which I am not even aware are mere beliefs?
Are my beliefs really mine?
Do my beliefs empower me or do they destroy me? 

This will open your mind and send you on a quest of self-examination, learning and self-improvement.

Oh, I know most of us are “anchored” and fixed rather firmly to our beliefs because they are the basis of our path in our social circles. We are naturally gregarious and getting together with others for mutual love and support is a strong force even if under the banner of a limited belief system. But our beliefs are no truer and just as false no matter how many share them.

Among some of the people I associate with, I am a well-known individualist without beliefs. A person in this group whose beliefs were obviously inconsistent with self-evident truths made this statement: “I believe that whatever one believes is right.” That one was easy to deal with. I said: “I believe you’re wrong.”

Humans are gregarious. That means they are social creatures. That also means they’re naturally loving, kind, trusting, friendly, compassionate, generous, caring and sharing. That is the truth of the matter even though the present system dehumanizes perverts, vitiates and exploits us. Beliefs have been fostered that have set brother against brother, groups against each other and enable the perverted and capable to pitilessly exploit their fellow beings.

Many of us are misled with limited beliefs learned from someone else. Examine every area of your life. Review every habit pattern. Review all your practices. Anytime you catch yourself saying “I believe” realize that you’re also saying “I’m ignorant in this matter.” You do not use the word believe where you have knowledge for your encouraged to say “I know.” And do not lie to yourself that you really know when you know that, in saying “I believe,” you were honest.

All of us must always be truth seekers. For lies, illusion, delusion and limited beliefs can deliver only evil. All of us must give total commitment and faithfulness to the truth upon discovery. For good can arise only from the truth.

If you are not already a member of The Super Health Inner Circle, may I encourage you to give it a try! We are an organization that teaches health on a monthly basis. We teach “The Truth in Health”.



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“Effortless Exercise”

Are you looking for “Effortless Exercise”. Do you want something for nothing? Would you like a strong, healthy and beautiful body through absolutely no effort of your own? How about a sweat-free, quick and easy way to a firm stomach, well-proportioned limbs, and a supple torso?

Easy wealth and undeserved health are America’s two love affairs. People would love to get rich quick. Everyone would like to have a firm, healthy body with no work or pain.

So what happens? 

The people, who want to take your money the easy way, go after the people who want easy health and fitness. Consider this ad that appeared a few years ago in one of the nation’s papers:

Our health salon specializes in firming and building muscles through the use of tiny electrical impulses. These impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax just as in natural exercise. Used for years by professional athletes and developed by European 
doctors, this is an ideal method for those who don’t want to exercise 

It continues:

Lying absolutely still in a private room, you can get the benefits of 700 leg exercises, 700 arm exercises, 700 stomach exercises-all from the 700 electrical stimulation we can give you in only thirty-five minutes. It’s perfect for busy people on the go who don’t have the time or energy for long, hard exercising. 

And so, naive trusting, lazy Americans who have more pounds and dollars than will power, and sense, will line up for the privilege of being electro-shocked into vibrant health.

Exercise is hard work. You have to make an effort to overcome laziness, discomfort and your own excuse making process. You have to sweat. You have to run or swim or walk. You. Only you.

Still, the schemes increase:

“You can have your thighs wrapped in plastic sheets to painlessly sweat away’ fat.” You can get “diet shots,” and pills presumably full of nutrients and will power.”

And, consider this ad that appear recently in a catalog: 

” Get the ripped, sculpted abs and side handles you’ve always wanted faster and easier with the revolutionary Ad Transformer workout fitness belt! Abs Transformer Plus features new and improved technology that’s FDA cleared for tightening, toning and strengthening healthy muscles. Just put the belt on, turn it on and it begins to directly stimulate core muscles while working upper, lower and side abs, oblique’s, lower belly and love handles. And you can wear this while you work, read, watch TV and relax.

Isn’t that amazing? However, you can pay any amount of money for a dozen “passive-exercise programs that promise quick results and no work.


How our ancestors would laugh! Nothing in this world of real value can be had, without commitment and effort. If we desire health, strength, balance and beauty of body, we must put forth the necessary effort.

Any exercise that is not of sufficient force to arouse a conscious effort defeats its own end by ceasing to have any appreciable effect upon the physiological and chemical processes of the body. A regular program of strenuous exercise is the foundation of health.

You may follow a perfect diet and eat the purest foods, but without vigorous exercise, you condemn-the body to an effete (no longer fertile or having lost character, vitality, or strength) and hypersensitive existence. Strenuous exercise does not mean pushing the body to exhaustion. An obsession with over-exercising is a sign of a personal problem, much like the workaholic who works to escape his problems.

However, most of us are probably guilty of under-exercising instead of over-exercising, and it is this guilt that the hucksters of “easy fitness,” prey upon. Money cures all they would have us believe. Are you sick? Pay a doctor, buy a prescription, take a pill. Are you depressed? Give your therapist two hundred and fifty dollars an hour. Are you too fat? For two-hundred dollars, you can be wrapped up in plastic bags, electro-shocked 700 times (in your own. private room), massaged, rolled and weighed.

Of course you’ll still be sick, ‘depressed and fat. But you made an effort. You spent money and you hope that will be enough. Like love, health and fitness will never be found in the marketplace. You can buy substitutes and balms for a guilty conscience, but you can’t purchase well-being. Why? Because health is your birthright. Available free. For the effort alone. You just need to learn how!

The “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program will teach you how. Not a lotion, a potion, a powder or pills. Not a drug or medications. Not a gadget or gimmicks! But, a Permanent Solution to Americas “health crises”.

Special limited time Health deal. $1.00 for 30 days, and a FREE CD that will put it all in proper prospective for you.

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Despite much knowledge about the nature of weight loss and weight gain, many misconceptions about that frustrates most of those who wish to shed or add weight. Even professionals of long experience and knowledge often harbor notions that undermine the effectiveness of their guidance. Unlike the principles explained in the zero calorie diet.

First the widely acceptance concept that we must eat fewer calories than we expend in order to lose weight is true-generally. I say generally because there are foods in which we can eat more calories than we normally burn up and still lose weight! Of such foods we have herein recommended for the zero calorie or negative calorie diet.

This diet will maintain the weight of an individual who is normal. Yet; because this diet represents such a tremendous improvement for overweight people, it occasions drastic weight loss. The physiological principle is this: when the body’s conditions are improved, it improves itself. In short, when practices become healthful the body will normalize, that is, return itself to a healthy condition.

Secondly, the concept that some people cannot lose weight no matter how little food they eat or how much activity they engage in is erroneous. All fat gain represents an intake and appropriation of calories greater than expenditure. Fat is not made out of thin air. This is demonstrated by these same individuals when they fast (stop all food intake except water), eat a negative calorie diet or eat such a vastly improved diet that the body goes into a catabolic stage.

Thirdly, any weight-loss diet should be of natural foods that humans naturally eat. Fasting is less harmful than a diet that is deficient. For instance, obese individuals can live a few months with an intake of only water and improve in health as well as lose weight. Or they can eat liberally a diet to which humans are biologically adapted, and likewise improve in health and simultaneously undergo drastic weight loss. In contrast many individuals have died as a result of a lopsided diet consisting of almost all proteins, cooked and/or processed foods. The all-meat diet, as an example, is so deficient and so pathological that the Chinese have used it in execution of death sentences on criminals. Life would have been several times longer and involve less suffering without any food and just water.

To skirt the many pitfalls of weight loss, we must cultivate a better understanding of foods and how the body handles them under conditions of underweight, normal weight and overweight. We must disencumber ourselves of the many current limited beliefs about food, digestion and metabolism.

Some of the observations and principles pertaining to weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain which shed light upon the subject of this issue are as Follows:

1. There are two types of weight gain, one undesirable and one desirable to a point.
A.} There is muscular weight gain with concomitant weight gain in bone and organ systems.
B.} Most weight gain is in fact reserves. About 25% of body weight is normally fat reserves. We witness individuals who have fat that comprises 70% of their total weight … We see individuals weighing 300 pounds who should weigh no more than 125.

2. Muscular weight gain arises from vigorous and heavy muscular work and training, not from eating. Proteins contribute most heavily to this type of weight gain, yet our natural diet has sufficient protein to support rapid weight gain when exertion and training place a pronounced demand for muscular development.

3. To lose weight, caloric expenditures must be greater than caloric assimilation by the body.

4. To maintain weight, eating should be as little as possible without loss from an “ideal” weight.

5. To gain weight healthfully, we must indulge in a diet of foods natural to our palate. Weight gain should result primarily from heavy exertion as in weight lifting. This places a demand upon the body to cope. It responds by building up muscular tissues and development of supporting organs. If we are deficient in fat reserves we must partake of foods from which we can digest, appropriate and assimilate more caloric values than we expend in digestion and activity. 6. On a biological correct health regime, overweight individuals undergo drastic weight loss regardless of calories consumed. When the body’s living circumstances are markedly improved, Its condition is correspondingly improved and normalization occurs. The first step is the Initiation of a catabolic stage, that ii, a breaking down.

7. Eating heavily of protein will not cause weight or muscular development. While proteins are the building materials of the body. the body does not develop muscles unless there is a demand for them-unless heavy exertion places a call upon the system to cope.

8. Underweight individuals who have no irremediable metabolic impairments gain weight on a biological correct regimen of living.

9. Meals eaten in the morning will often prove negative-calorie meal whereas the same meals eaten in the evening will occasion weight gain. The body has spent the previous night of rest in charging the liver and cells with about 2.000 calories of ready reserves in the form of glycogen. That is enough to last all but heavy laborers for a full day. Until that reserve is substantially depleted the body is more likely to absorb but little of the food eaten in the morning while we are active and absorb much of it in the evening when there is demand for food and we are Inactive, thus giving our digestive faculties reign to our energies.

10. Eating heavily of protein food will not result in fat accumulation. Human lose some 70% of the caloric values of protein in the strenuous process of digesting and deaminizing them, that it, the body is only about 30% efficient in utilization of protein as energy or fat reserves. As long as there are carbohydrates in the diet, proteins are “spared.” Proteins in excess of need will either be putrefied in the digestive tract or be broken down in the system and excreted through the kidney at great expense to kidney health.

11. Fats in the diet usually end up as fat in the body. Fats are second-rate foods. The body does not readily break them up and create glycogen/glucose from them. As long as carbohydrates (sugars) are available to the body, it does not use fats. The human body uses glucose as its primary and most efficient energy source.

12. When the body is unhealthy or not very vital it tends to hoard reserves against anticipated crises and scarcity. This is in accord with the survival Instinct. If the body is active and vital and fed vital food It will not become overweight.

13. A vigorously active and vital body will excrete protein, fats and carbohydrates in excess of its need. Growth rather than accumulation occurs from heavy exercise in conjunction with heavy eating. A person who overeats regularly taxes his or her vitality and cannot stay well.

14. Regardless of how carbohydrates are eaten-as starches, refined sugars or as simple sugars (as in fruits) they are used by the body only in the form of glucose. Hence, the complex carbohydrates of starch food must be converted from polysaccharides to disaccharides and then to monosaccharides or simple sugars before absorption can occur. Not only are human’s starch splitting capacity limited but the energies involved in handling starchy foods is about 65 to 70%. This compares with 90% to 95% for sweet fruits.
1. Green leafy vegetables and some non-sweet fruits commonly called vegetables yield no surplus calories to the body. They are truly zero calorie food because their calories are bound up in their indigestible cellulose. More calories are expended in their processing than are obtained from them; hence, they can be referred to as negative calorie foods. A study of these salient points about the body and its tendencies for weight gain or loss, will give you pointers that can be useful in pursuit of your health goals. Certainly, the elaboration of these principles and observations in the article herewith will greatly assist you in undemanding and applying them. For further information see: or THE GALANT GROUP 12077 Colony Preserve Drive Boynton Beach, FL 33436 Phone: 561-577-0548

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“A New way of Learning”

“A New way of Learning”

1050tUnfortunately most Americans today are robot thinkers. This is to say they’re not thinkers at all. When faced with challenges, (problems) they do practically everything but get right down to the real labor of solving them by reflection and logical thinking. They’re likely to rely on “authorities,” “authoritative references or sources” or whatever they’re told in response to their questions.

The thrust of the Super Health Inner Circle/Healthology Institute will be to train you to question everything through deliberative procedures and to think things out in logical steps. We teach you that, in certain areas, most people are wrong about most things most of the time. This is especially true in the field of health.

Ignorance and misconceptions predominate in the health field. This is unfortunate, for attaining health is really simple. Even the animals of fields and forests master health without deliberate thinking. While we teach you the complexities of our sophisticated science, we also teach you to always keep in mind the utter simplicity of it all.

Our biggest task is in de-programming you of all the medical misconceptions that have been imbedded in your intellectual structure. Once you’ve learned our techniques in questioning and reflection, you’ll sense where the truth lies immediately and you’ll be ableto understand and explain it quickly and easily.

The mastery of this new way of learning will be gradually as you saturate yourself with the knowledge we teach. You’ll see the techniques evidenced many times as instructions turn misconceptions upside down and, in true Socratic fashion, ask a few devastating but enlightening questions.

In a word, we will teach you to rely upon more creative thinking than upon rote learning. What you usually learn by rote is useless, for it can be retrieved from reference books. The ability to think, however, is priceless!

Our vision is to educate, inform and inspire! Helping You Help Yourself to a Healthier Way of Life.

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The Health Care Controversy!

Healthology 1The Health Care Controversy!

Have you heard the news lately? It’s all over the radio and TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost for health care is spiraling out of control.“Health care” or better known today as “Obama Care” has nothing to do with your health! Health care or health insurance bill are created to “financial” protect you from catastrophic illness or disease. It does not protect your health; health is only produce by healthful living.

Which will also protect you from catastrophic illness or disease. Not Obama Care! YOU’RE the only one that can protect your Health! No one can sleep for you, drink for you, eat for you, think for you, get sunshine for you, exercise for you, and so on.Presently, “health care” or Obama care is design to make you think that it’s good for you, is just an external appearance, and all the lies, which are also design to keep you at second-rate and chronically ill! The old “Health care” system was also self-evidently a failure as its costs were in the trillion dollars a year and shooting up!

The new health care (Obama Care) will cost even more and will not cause anyone to be healthier! This means that matters are getting worse, not better.

As a result, everyone needs to have a better health plan including all businesses who provide “health care”. 
The fraud being perpetrated upon all of us is fully exposed in a new Health educational program. Protect your health join the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” the only program that will help you to stay healthier and live life longer. Information you won’t find anywhere else.

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See for yourself:

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