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THE ZERO CALORIE DIET UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES OF WEIGHT LOSS AND WEIGHT GAIN Despite much knowledge about the nature of weight loss and weight gain, many misconceptions about that frustrates most of those who wish to shed or add weight. … Continue reading

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“A New way of Learning”

“A New way of Learning” Unfortunately most Americans today are robot thinkers. This is to say they’re not thinkers at all. When faced with challenges, (problems) they do practically everything but get right down to the real labor of solving them by reflection … Continue reading

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The Health Care Controversy!

The Health Care Controversy! Have you heard the news lately? It’s all over the radio and TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost for health care is spiraling out of control.“Health care” or better known today as “Obama Care” has nothing to do with your health! Health … Continue reading

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